Lorrie the Highway Mentor

G’Day, My Sister Travelers:

As I sit here now in the wrath of a midland storm awaiting the power to kick in; I contemplate the journey that lies ahead.

Shifting our direction along this course as the wind changes direction, does not mean we’ve lost the will to move forward…

Seemingly, we fall victim of our success, as progress forces us to embrace challenges and shift gears.

Notwithstanding change,  I truly believe that going back to our roots is the force that grounds us to rise above, to reach even higher sources of power.

The thought of the ‘Old Gold Rush Road’ connecting ‘The Mother Road’ hits directly home 🏡 for me.  And the fear of missing an opportunity to ‘thread the needle’ on this ribbon of road may [at times] seem out of reach.

However, As I recapture my thoughts, I see myself (not lost, but found) along a discovery detour in the spotlight of spectacular scenery that becomes anew with every mile forging through this new road.

May our  journey continue and carry us to new heights, keeping our legacy relevant & vibrant by building unbreakable bonds in this galvanized chain of heritage highways.  

As true ”Wayfinders”, Our goal is to rise and lift others whom we meet along this pathway!

Love Lorrie
Staying on Course


Hello from Trails End…

Leaving our last campsite here in the Coldstream Valley perched high on the hillside that overlooks the radiantly beautiful Kalamalka Lake!
The views up here are stunning and this magnificent area is truly difficult to leave behind in our rear view.

Going ‘back to reality’ heading homeward, we’re stopped for a rest at Juniper Beach’ along the banks of the Thompson River, west of Kamloops Lake.  How blessed we are to witness the landscape unfold in a kaleidoscope of colors.  From red apples 🍎 to pumpkins 🎃 of brilliant orange, nature’s bounty speaks volumes as Autumn settles into brilliant hues.

So long for now my special comrades, we shall meet again soon ‘down destiny’s road’!

Love Lorrie
Rural ROUTES Rider

Painted People

There is a map in my head of the painted people of the streets. The streets are different from the perch of a set of scaffolding above the city. The view is from a different lens. People are painted with different armour and wear shoes that tell economic place. Hair is coloured, tinted, combed or shaved to show social comfortability. I am an Owl sitting on a giant elm tree. My armour my overalls and my ball cap. The long blonde braids with the ends spattered in the colours from the pallet of the day. If you paint the people that pass the streets they all share the common skeleton. The artist model wooden doll posed in many different ways. Applications of fashion or anti fashion the only distinguishing differences. I think of those flip books where you can change the clothing of people in a quick turn of a page. I want to shuffle the social armour. Perhaps put everyone in white paint overalls and let them paint each other. Or at least paint how they feel today.

T-shirts with sayings and labels speak loud. The suits and ties of the armies fly with colourless abandon. The mural is not on the wall, but laying in the streets, with the painted people moving like a rhythm of brush strokes.

The faces of the people

No matter what road life takes you, it truly is the people along the way that are the paint strokes in the canvas of your life. As an artist that traveled the world I have met many many faces. This picture is of a wonderful young man that worked so hard for the Merritt crew. His story was his to tell and he honoured us with parts of it. He shared his dreams and we shared wisdoms to support those dreams. But this young man taught me resilience and silent strength. He was turned away from the care that is his right to receive when he hurt himself during a young rowdy weekend. He bandaged his hand and he came to work on the murals. Not a word was said by him.

When we realized he did not get a response to his visit to the clinic, a colourful paint spattered group went marching into that clinic demanding not to quietly his right to care. You see this young man wanted to be a carpenter and his hand is is tool, his talent and his livelihood. Yes we were muralists, but more we were family.

Drawing a Blueline on the Grid


Viewing the Horizon Through an Artist’s Eyes

By Lorrie Fleming

By following a connective grid, Michelle has discovered that ancient paths exist along a gridline that is transforming the spirit of “Route Blue”!  Emerging in a triangular course, a geomancy in the form of a line is cutting the ground using an energy field with precision as seen through Michelle’s eyes.

In clear consciousness, Michelle is following a natural trajectory of a trackway spanning across a magnetic gridline using the same flyway as migrating birds.        Adding to her toolkit of art supplies, the principle of geometry is applied by Michelle to overarch her ‘blueline’ to carve a permanent guide into the future of travel.

A natural phenomenon was sighted by an archeologist in 1921 by the discovery of Ley lines along the Earth’s magnetic energy grid having electrical currents (described as being the veins of Mother Earth).   Geologists follow these Ley lines in alignment of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments that are thought by certain adherents and new age beliefs to have spiritual powers.

Looking into the future, Michelle plans to set her sights on reaching out to Route 66 kinfolk within “The Road Ahead Partnership”, an initiative to open doors on the line of travel along the bloodlines of the Mother Road.

Notwithstanding, that our history speaks through a land of braided trails and that dust beneath the ruts can have a succinct voice {between the lines} through time travel.  For fear that we lose sight of our heritage, I heed the words of a fellow Route 66 aficionado who voiced “Sometimes a historic trail isn’t discovered until it is lost”!

“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?”
― Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

Sincerely, Lorrie Fleming

Written from the heart and inspired by a telephone conversation shared between Myself, Michelle & Stacey on the evening of January 8, 2019

Behold the Blueline

A Moving Force…

Penned in the Power of Blue

By L. Fleming – 2019

Michelle’s sense of creativity is once again ‘endowed with vision’…  The newly minted ‘Blueline’ is akin to Canada Geese!  Defined as hovering avatars in V-shape flight, following geomagnetic lines of energy, wheeling together in a magnetic force to direct flight paths.  Migratory Birds possess a built-in “map & compass” to navigate directional lines in a natural magnetic field.

Drawn by the blue line of the sky and aligned by the stars, birds map out their local environs using physical landmarks synchronized with an inherent compass set in unified balance.  Revolving along an invisible & protective ‘axis’, the Blueline shield safeguards and embodies “Route Blue”.  This center line that levitates in our tracks gives symmetry and balance to elements (such as works of art) in a harmonious direction of travel.

In every language, symmetry refers to a main line of motion in an alliance of power.  To promote and maintain mutual interests, the ‘Blueline’ transfers a sense of equilibrium in proportion to geometric lines of energy to align unique purposes of travel.  Steeped in the Spirit of Blue [the color of sea & sky], the ‘Blueline’ symbolizes depth, trust & wisdom and is beneficial to the mind, body & soul of our universe.

I wholeheartedly relate to Michelle’s ‘Blueline’ as testament to the power of verse, as quoted in reference to poetry of {Wild Geese} being in a capacity to speak so deeply to so many types of people & human characteristics.  Moreover, to honor the words of singer/songwriter {Joni Mitchell’s} beautifully crafted song entitled “Urge for Going” …


May the ‘Blueline’ carry us to boundless destinations along our braided trails!

Soaring in the Spirit of Blue,

Lorrie Fleming

In celebration of 2019, A Boldly Blue Year

Prelude to Behold the Blueline

My perspective of Michelle’s ‘Blueline’ connotes an imaginary (yet tangible) spatial map acting as a pivotal and omnipresent overhead guideway to synchronize national interests with a multi-national scope.  The Blueline sets the course and we (the travelers) follow our hearts along a connective path to fulfill the journey…

“Purpose is the reason you journey.

Passion is the fire that lights the way” (Author Unknown)


2019 – A “Happy Blue Year” (Coined by Michelle Loughery)

In Honor of Route Blue

By Lorrie Fleming “2019” is poised to be a ‘Gateway Year’for our freshly minted Route Blue, positioning itself for an infinite 2020 vision into the future, as seen through the eyes of Michelle Loughery’s “Master Plan”!  In all her wisdom, Michelle brilliantly sees beyond the naked eye and introduces light to a dark canvass and remarkably transforms pallor into color.

            Our integrated highway system has a new hue on its horizon, introducing a cultural color wheel that moves all aspects of society on an all-inclusive guideway.  The beloved ‘Mother Road’ has given birth to new lineage perched high upon her family tree. Coming alive here in BC, a renaissance is happening to our inherent highway corridor, reviving a sleeping giant into a global viewing screen destined to educate and retrace our vast inland heritage.  Along this homeland course, Michelle magically draws a dimensional mapping mechanism at our fingertips to guide us along a virtual tour to regenerate & capture the movements of a culture richly steeped in local folklore.  

            An invitation is soon to evolve to capture the interests of a generation enriched with stories that connect hearts of many origins & ethnicities transporting us through the ages.   Color Me Blue, and I shall connect-the-dots on a cultural journey that comes alive with knowledge and perpetual learning.  As the ‘Blue Year’ unfolds, Route Blue is bound to captivate the human interest that is permanently etched in the sands of time. Stay tuned for a ‘breath of blue’ to carry you along Canada’s own Mother Road…

Yours from the Inland Corridor of “Gold ‘n Blue Country” set deep in the Heartland of BC

Lorrie Fleming

One for the Road