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In search of Sunflowers

In Search of Sunflowers

Natural Storytellers 

Symbolic Art & Soul of the Road

             “My Heart wants Roots, but my Mind wants Wings…” an articulate phrase coined by popular Lyricist {E.Y. Harburg} that describes the wandering soul of many travelers, like myself, in a constant search for things that make us feel whole.  Commonly referred to as “wanderlust”, I describe the term as a trait characterized by a desire to keep learning via experiences drawn by a magnetic pull touching our inner selves, all while discovering new places!

The majestic Sunflower is nature’s compass that stand stately as mileposts & guardians to navigate the vastness of our Province leading the way to wondrous time treasures & cultural vestiges.  Sunflowers characterised by their sunny disposition are sprouting in the North Okanagan as noble Wayfinders.  “The Art of the Drive is Coming Alive” in the City of Vernon, where sunflowers are painted on buildings and seedlings are popping up throughout the townsite generating a fresh new beginning for The Art Route.  

Inspired by the insight of Vernon’s own Master Artist and Wayfinder Creator, Michelle Loughery, the Route 97 corridor, directs travelers to an extension of B.C.’s Golden Mother Road.  A Garden of Hope orchestrated by Internationally Renowned Artist, Michelle accompanied by her Agent, Stacey Phinemore spawned a vast team of brilliant Artists who mutually and collectively lifted our spirits into a “Sunflower State of Mind”!  Behold, the graciously golden sunflowers have culminated for an impressive Exhibit at the Gallery Vertigo in Vernon, ignited by seeds in motion to convey powerful artwork induced by sunshine.

Sunflowers are extensions of ourselves that speak a universal language written by gestures of motion in waves & handshakes that spell out the principles of hope.  My life is a series of discovery and sunflowers reflect the yellow centerlines to guide me in daylight and the beacons at nighttime to set the course at journey’s end.

The world speaks equality within the graciousness of Sunflowers.  They pump-a-pulse and instill power-to-people as pillars of society that come to life as altruistic & humanlike “wayfinders” bequeathed to humanity for a Horizon of Hope. 

Articulate Road Wisdom educates us that no place you have been ever leaves you!  The Sunflower Project is a Milestone, not just a Moment in Time.  Travel is a dynamic teacher, and the sunflower is a universal sundial that steers the soul of humanity into a rhythm of hope.   

Dawning a Sunflower dress welcomes a sunny smile all wrapped in a ribbon of hope to arise for all that I meet along the way … let the sunflowers do the talking!

            As a non-artist, my personal expression of ‘Art’ draws for me through the power of blending words, radiating an exchange that says who I am without speaking!   These silent words are the art form that tells my story and whispers softly to write the script…

A sunflower is my guardian angel who stretches her neck to reach the sunset with a promise to bloom into a colorful dawn to begin a fresh new day!

Yours in a Sunflower State of Mind on the Crest of a Golden Sunset,

Lorrie Fleming

A Golden Road Mother 🌻

“Trust the Road by Sunflower Power”

“Never underestimate the therapeutic power of Sunflowers”


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