A curated WAYFINDER Mural art road trip with BIG art and BIG stories….artrouteblue app..

We really are all connected by our roots and routes in life. A common humanity and champions for people, place and planet.

Picture a bright yellow van, your favourite jeans, flip flops, great wine and a camera. The story journeys of those that moved along the highways before us and the stories and adventures yet to be had.

For is that not humanities common language?

So follow our road trip..send us your road trip stories and stay tuned for our new app coming soon…the walls will talk and sing and trust us you will be inspired, entertained and we will all connect on the mother roads that connect us all. 

Michelle is a world renown Canadian Master Artist who has created hundreds of iconic murals and her studio work is sought after by global art collectors. In addition to her obvious talents at producing awe inspiring work, Loughery has developed a unique WAYFINDER art education process that engages and includes community residents-young and old alike.

Loughery has created numerous connected community public mural art projects that inspired communities, engaged youth with life and employment skills, connected people and left monumental public art around the globe. more about Loughery

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