• Lorrie the Highway Mentor

    G’Day, My Sister Travelers: As I sit here now in the wrath of a midland storm awaiting the power to kick in; I contemplate the journey that lies ahead. Shifting our direction along this course as the wind changes direction, does not mean we’ve lost the will to move forward… Seemingly, we fall victim of…

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    Hello from Trails End… Leaving our last campsite here in the Coldstream Valley perched high on the hillside that overlooks the radiantly beautiful Kalamalka Lake!The views up here are stunning and this magnificent area is truly difficult to leave behind in our rear view. Going ‘back to reality’ heading homeward, we’re stopped for a rest…

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  • Painted People

    Painted People

    There is a map in my head of the painted people of the streets. The streets are different from the perch of a set of scaffolding above the city. The view is from a different lens. People are painted with different armour and wear shoes that tell economic place. Hair is coloured, tinted, combed or…

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  • The faces of the people

    The faces of the people

    No matter what road life takes you, it truly is the people along the way that are the paint strokes in the canvas of your life. As an artist that traveled the world I have met many many faces. This picture is of a wonderful young man that worked so hard for the Merritt crew.…

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  • Drawing a Blueline on the Grid

    Viewing the Horizon Through an Artist’s Eyes By Lorrie Fleming By following a connective grid, Michelle has discovered that ancient paths exist along a gridline that is transforming the spirit of “Route Blue”!  Emerging in a triangular course, a geomancy in the form of a line is cutting the ground using an energy field with…

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  • Behold the Blueline

    A Moving Force… Penned in the Power of Blue By L. Fleming – 2019 Michelle’s sense of creativity is once again ‘endowed with vision’…  The newly minted ‘Blueline’ is akin to Canada Geese!  Defined as hovering avatars in V-shape flight, following geomagnetic lines of energy, wheeling together in a magnetic force to direct flight paths. …

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    2019 – A “Happy Blue Year” (Coined by Michelle Loughery) In Honor of Route Blue By Lorrie Fleming “2019” is poised to be a ‘Gateway Year’for our freshly minted Route Blue, positioning itself for an infinite 2020 vision into the future, as seen through the eyes of Michelle Loughery’s “Master Plan”!  In all her wisdom, Michelle brilliantly…

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  • Route Blue on the GOLD

    The Road speaks in many languages, it has heart ❤️ soul & a succinct voice.  Complimented with depth perception in a kaleidoscope of colors that unify people & place in a directional spiral.  Like the wheel, Route Blue is a human moral compass that drives us on an endless path in the circle of life!…

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