ROUTE BLUE is a movement.

It is a movement to connect rural artists and rural communities.
It is a digital connected digital mural collection that will reveal and support the creative talent in small towns -the makers and markers that are the heart and steam to a new creative economy.

Create a digital, travel tourism based experience that will invite the globe to discover hidden creative experiences and people in rural Canada.

A community digital storyart collecting platform- connecting communities with the murals and outdoor community art and music in communities along  highways.  Building community from within. Founded by Michelle Loughery through a 30 year career as a Master Muralist and Community  Art Renewal technologist and educator. A heritage and contemporary art Museum/Gallery without walls in a highway trail that will invite the globe to the largest art and community experience scavenger hunt.

ROUTE BLUE MURAL “BUOY” BEAD installations and MURAL programming.



MLM –Artdebris environmental support art installations

“RURAL CREATES”  Community Lesson Plans

Community Learning in a lesson plan/project connection plan

The result: supporting rural community artists, applied art and technology, while supporting rural communities in becoming creative communities. How? Through art stories, contract applied art learning and connecting people, cultures and communities along Route Blue.

The heritage highways of Canada have been a common route for all and preserving the stories of the Highways through community art storytelling is an extension to the Famed Route 66 and a gateway to Highway 1, the largest Highway in the world. Find your place: sing your song,paint your picture, or carve your way onto the ROUTE BLUE CREATIVE HIGHWAY….the Canadian #Route66. Discover the underground arts along the highways …out of the blue…comes brilliance.