The Ultimate WAYFINDER ART Road Trip


WAYFINDER AR:T as your compass.

In your hand the radio.

Larger than life Murals.

Hear the art …See the radio

See and experience Mural art through the lens of the muralists that created the modern masterpieces.

With Master Artist and Mural Curator Michelle Loughery



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BACK TO OUR ROOTS & ROUTES” with the wind in our hair!

“From the lens of the Creatives and story tellers to the viewer. Larger than life art, a camera and a tune blasting from your car, the blue of the sky and the open road with nothing but destination mural town on your mind. There’s simply no better way to creatively experience the people and places of communities than through the artist lens.

AR:T ROUTE BLUE is an emerging canvas of augmented reality immersive AR:T experience spots, mapped destination digital murals towns, with highlights of the hidden stories of Loughery’s and other artist’s work and the inspiring people you meet when painting on the streets

Loughery is bringing stories of the power of community art to the digital wall. 


Then climb her digital podcast scaffolding and hear the art and see the stories on AR:T ROUTE RADIO.

Let the curated podcast take you on a DESTINATION MURAL TOWN ROAD TRIP

What the exposed walls have to tell you will inspire you to know more! 


While producing a mural and mural project in the Route 66 town of Cuba, Missouri, LOUGHERY realized how important the Mother Road heritage was to the incredible artist and community she as working with and how wonderful it would be to have a chain of murals down the entire length of the road. That is when she contacted the National Historic Route 66 Federation with her unique idea for the National Route 66 Mural Program. This program and partnership is still going strong today with the partnership of the same unique idea for mural art along the heritage highways of Canada. After 30 years what was a dream is now a reality as murals are a movement community renewal tool that Loughery saw decades ago, as the visionary artist she is.  The Wayfinder Project -ART ROUTE Blue is the connected mural route that joins the two countries of the USA and Canada and meets at the Peace arch in an inclusive root to route mural story trail that all communities can connect to.

A legacy art highway vision that Loughery saw in 2001. Then in 2005 when she signed a 3 million dollar contract to add the British Columbia communities to the connected highway trail and again in 2020 when the AR:T ROUTE BLUE 66/99 rebranded to an international ART ROUTE BLUE digital call for action.

 The origin of AR:T ROUTE BLUE initiated by Master Artist & Visionary Michelle is solidly grounded as a pillar of leadership built on trust & integrity, spanning a nation!   Sparked by ‘Art-in-Motion” and tied together by spirited & determined women bound by a desire to connect the images of public art along a ribbon of alternate routes sourced by “A Mother Road” that will unite us all.

ROUTE 66/99 Lorrie Fleming

 True mural and road stories vividly ‘come-to-life’ upon the walls of art storytellers who collectively convey their truths, trials & tribulations to reflect sheer survival of each community along its ‘blue line stretch of highway’.  AR:T Route Blue is introduced by a softer tone of the Women of the Road who are “The keepers of the communities and stories” of AR:T Route Blue. 

Travel and listen to the itineraries and stories that will inspire you to discover more behind the art stops and sights along the way. The romance of travel through adventures and shared experiences Bonded in a triangle of strength and lead by Michelle (The Master Visionary), Travel Writer / Canadian Route 66 Founder /AR:T ROUTE Blue Founding Mother Lorrie Fleming with many more blue champions along the way.   


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