The Power of Artists & the ultimate Blue HORSE

With a heavy heavy heart this country will mourn the man, the talent, the words and the human that Gord Downie was and  the legacy his life will leave.  Artists are so much more than the music and art and poetry they leave behind. They are the graceful leaders. The voices that bring us together and make us think outside the systems and governance that has twisted humanity into something like Ichiban in a crumpled package.  We can be better…and we can do better…..and the creative power of art will lead us… the arts are not a spontaneous adornment of entertainment.. It is leadership and economy and social awareness. It is power…tell me….have you ever stood in the front of a concert of a true brilliant musician and turned to took at the thousands of people ..faces to the crowd with liquid love pouring from their soul….and seen all those people focused on one sound…and all of them silent… open …listening…hearing….that is power of music to the good…….I bend my head to your gifts Gord Downie…but most to your bravery in sharing them…..

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