Passage of Time

A QUARTER CENTURY JOURNEY STEMS FROM THE MOTHER ROAD Honoring the Aggregate of People, Places & Purpose Penned by Lorrie Fleming – June 21, 2021, Acknowledging the Summer Solstice             The Journey is an extension of our ‘family tree’ that sprouts, branches, and evolves through the people that we meet along the way.  Collectively chartering a courseContinue reading “Passage of Time”


DEDICATED TO OUR CULTURAL HISTORY KEEPERS LORRIE FLEMING – APRIL 26, 2020 2020 Inspired by a Conversation with Michelle on Our Cultural History Keepers SUNFLOWER SALUTE A Unified Face of Humanity Graced by a Smile Natures Storytellers and Pillars of Peace Narrative by Lorrie Fleming to Welcome Summertime… Natures’ emblematic ‘face of hope’, Sunflowers are an expression of happiness thatContinue reading “SUNFLOWER SALUTE”


My Blue Ladies: Our official affiliation with Route 66 gives us the credibility of international status as heritage highway advocates.   Art is the ‘Mother’ that makes us equal … Blue symbolizes The People, a product of the stories ~ Gold is the business.  Without one, there is no other!  Take one component away andContinue reading “BLUE TECH”


…Here we are at the start point of the legendary Cariboo Wagon Road that carved a permanent place on Canada’s Western Frontier.  A major transportation hub from fur trails-to-steel rails echoing tales of BC’s historic significance to carry our nation through the ages.  Our history speaks in many languages…Listen quietly, you will be amazed atContinue reading “AR:T Route Blue ROAD REPORT”

Braiding the Blue

Weaving a Legacy into our Transportation Tapestry Humankind ~ The Heart of our Heritage          Our heritage speaks succinctly through this land of braided trails! Spreading the spirit of humanity by virtue of echoes, the voices of wisdom resonates time-after-time to move us forward.  The eye of the needle is threaded deep within the heart of ourContinue reading “Braiding the Blue”


Art and beauty comes in many forms, including the natural and the handmade , and there’s no reason why, when admiring one, you cannot enjoy the other. And there is no reason that our modern cave masterpieces should not be showcased as invitations for the globe to visit and meander along our highways. The bonusContinue reading “AR:T ROUTE CANADA”

ART Trails-to-Tales

Threading Together Our Transportation Tapestry A Framework Following our Roots… Brief Narrative by Lorrie Fleming October 19, 2019             Dreaming deeper than the sea…From Blue Horses riding higher than the sky to Angels dancing in gold dust, our history speaks voluminously through a multi layered symphony of ethnological origins, cutting through tough terrain.  Along this beaten path,Continue reading “ART Trails-to-Tales”