Wall Talk

Take it to the wall. This is something that I have done for over thirty years..take it to the wall.

The wall for me has always been a place of healing. A place where I could be messy and let the paint drips fly and my never easily managed hair tangle with the paint and the wind. There is a silence in front of a giant wall. There is noise. The noise of the cars and people and screeching tires, with the constant beep of the pedestrian timers. There is wind and wonder and ice cream coloured smudges on your legs and hands. There is knowledge and meditation. Fear is not around you as you perch from high up on scaffolding. If you could but open paint layer wings and reach the reason most artists seek for the injustices in the world. There is much to learn as a muralist and observer from the wall and much to say.

It is a play and a movie. It is time captured in stories and in the people that entered and left the screen. The wall has been the movie screen to my life.

It follows me like a tattered friend. The surface rich in textures and warmth. Tales of chewed gum and belly laugh hysterical easy days of sun and sprinklers in downtown streets. The art of a muralist is a play. A screenplay.

Culture on the #blue

AR:T ROUTE BLUE may be about art, but it is about art and more. Although to my head art is everything. In times of peace, and bounty, art can take place. When we live from a lack of struggling to survive great art can be created. It is the art that is created in times of strife and struggle that sings with our stories. The pieces of thread, glass, the carved wood and pounded metal, that live in between the places that are most valuable. The stories that mark graves and great triumph, or the whispers of wool on a patio to sooth a anxious child, wrapped up in a knitted poncho.

Our hands are the weapons of peace by piece, row by row, while we count our blessings.

Culture is what we do to define our stories. Art is the thread in the layers that show us that we too are connected like the trees. Some of us sturdy oaks, and some of us willows, bending like whispers in the sun.

Each of us has a thread, each of us a community, each of us a region, each of us a county, each of us one planet…so really we really are just one huge soft poncho of many coloured threads….lovingly knitted on a sunny deck in paradise.

BY Michelle Loughery

Rocking the #Rural

In a time of renewal..Social media helps equalize the rural infrastructure in tourism. It eliminates physical boundaries and increases access to small towns, with access to the traveller grid. The inventory of the creative spots, art, roadhouses and authentic artisans people experiences are abundant, and the visits diversifying the economy, while fostering rural learning and closing the urban – rural divide. Bringing in the environmental knowledge to encourage respectful and responsible tourism.

Rural business owners can connect with other vendors or partners and the wider demographics and look within to gain new perspectives of the value of the inventory of their rural community and extend a personal invitation for people to visit their small town.

With social media, visitors can experience the community from anywhere in the world and immerse themselves in the invitation to visit and experience the layers of rural life and the incredible enthusiasm locals have for their own town. Visitors can experience the invitation to the hearth of home town BC.




There is a need..not only for this area but across the USA & Canada.

Rural towns are facing many challenges…and they must build a cart that all the horses can pull. A connected trail that brings all the rural together in a united grid that is like a giant story book of stories. Gold Country is the region with the vision to renew and embrace the new creative and digital economy. With the success of the Gold Country Geo Cache program, it was only natural for the augmented reality Geo Art to launch from the region. Partnered with the many interior mural towns that are a huge tourism economy in themselves, it is a natural strategy to use the murals as gateways and fill the art and story spots in-between.

Borderless Grid Tourism is out of the box thinking.. Gold Country has the vision and the champions to work tirelessly with the innovation of AR:T ROUTE BLUE…and Create AR:T ROUTE GOLD for their region.

Highway Connection

Fire is a giant equalizer. The effected communities are vital to the soul of the west, and the story of the resilient people is needed to be sung. The people along the highway corridors effected by the disastrous fires of the last years are strong and are working hard to rebuild the arteries of the land. Art is a tourism and economic driver, but it is also a very large connector and renewal tool. The heritage TransCanada Highway fed this province with community builders and visionaries for a better life. This is a chance to lead and invite other provinces to join a a TRANS CANADA CONNECTOR Gateway initiative that will leave a creative circle route that will connect our historic Canadian Highway to the famous mother road of Route 66.

Blue moves

We at the blue are on the move. We are excited and as the path unfolds and new partners come to join there is a sense of peace that something that has a thirty year history deep in the streets of the world is being blessed with the support we have been shown.

Destination BC, Gold Country, Vernon Tourism, Kamloops Tourism, The Nicola Film Commission to name a few of the wonderful organizations.

Now the artists, well that is the glorious sky blue of patience, vision and complete blue heart…to know a project is to know it is a undertaking of patience and millions of brush strokes and conversations …..we at the blue are eager for new hands and hearts to take this vision to all artists and all communities……we are the sum of blue Thank you from my indigo stained soul.



A Free-Flowing Corridor Connecting Art

Into the Landscape for All Humanity

Short Narrative by Lorrie Fleming – March, 2019

            What’s in a name?  As we brainstormed the title, Michelle alludes to both the Project (as our mission) and the Podcast (as the promotion) and she responded “each have a life”!    Spoken as a true artist, just as water carves canyons and natural wonders, the creativity of a hand-to-land technique creates its own artform upon the global landscape.

Borderless Blue carries a vast imagery of history through the Artist’s eyes and transforms the stories into text that speaks a universal language for all humankind.  Lasting through the ages, Borderless is destined to cross-connect with other “Mural Cities, Townsites and Monuments” along a continual Art corridor that has no visible boundaries.     

Borderless is a transformative reality, driven by shared cultural & socioeconomic values inherent by collective voices telling the land-to-hand stories in a visual & accessible form using futuristic techniques to draw a lasting impression that’s true blue in nature.  Borderless Blue is a bridge into the breadth of our homeland to outreach a globally driven all inclusive platform to showcase our grassroots.  

Yes indeed, there’s great strength in a name!  Therein lies our mission, goals, self-worth and true identity emboldened by the powerful and creative hallmarks bequeathed to humanity into a “Borderless Blue” …                  

A Blueprint of our core values elevated to an Art

The ROAD Fairy

A Wayfinder’s Paradise: By Lorrie Fleming

The Packinghouse – A golden gem located in the confines of the original packing house structure once owned by the Pioneering Woman, Widow Smith, who laboriously produced apples that became famously sought after by British Royalty, namely King Edward VII…

In a most surprising encounter sighted on a road trip originating along Highway 8 from Merritt to Spences Bridge, Bob & I and a fellow roadie were initially introduced to the famous ‘Packinghouse’.  We crossed the waterway over the ‘Old Bridge’ that once upon a time graced the town’s namesake.  As we approached the crossroad on Riverview Avenue, we discovered a welcoming sight in the form of signage mounted on a wooden building bearing the name – “The Packinghouse”.  A welcome experience soon greeted us at the door (Mr. Steve Rice) the proprietor, a charming gentleman sporting a colorful apron, invited us in for a refreshment that was creatively blended with a smile & resonating story!  Steve and his gracious wife Paulette are skilled orcharadists who cultivate & transfer the fruits of their labor to the tables of the historic Packinghouse Eatery. History comes vividly alive within every corner of this special place where majestic camels once roamed; and today’s travelers along the Trans-Canada Highway spot herds of Big Horn Sheep that regularly navigate the area hillsides and trek down to the river banks for a refreshing drink.         

The heartwarming hamlet of Spences Bridge is situated in a spiritually charged ‘Golden Triangle’ where the Nicola & Thompson Rivers flow together in harmonious concert, echoed by the rumbling sound of the railway traffic passing along the banks of the rivers edge.  Recognized as the Interior’s “Food Basket” and home to one of the largest produce stands in the area has been a treasured feature of Spences Bridge. Also a heritage site, built on the spot where pioneering anthropologist {James Teit} once lived.

Thank you, Steve & Paulette for shifting our senses in gear (sight, sound, aroma & flavor) for the long ride homeward… 

Lorrie & Bob

Intrepid Travelers & ROUTE BLUE ROADIE


There are times in a career where you have to take time to slow down and see the path you are on. Many years of being knee deep in grant begs and rejection letters, makes way for some small yes notifications, some enormous yes notifications and the perceived success of a monetary nod.

But today I was reminded it is the commodity of people that truly make community projects the marvellous movements they are. There is type of people that are knee deep in mud, worn out, depleted, all the colour sucked out of them by trying to fit circles into boxes. The fact is like my good friend Lorrie Flemming said to me today. “A road trip is hard, because sometimes the rubber wheels can’t flow like a river. ” My brilliant mentor is right.

The creative economy is here, and the train to that path is old. The boxes need to fit into the circles. The circles are spirals that grow up and out and includes all. True change can only happen if the change is touched by everyone. Like the round table King Arthur was so fond of. Everyone is equal there, there is not a class or colour distinction. I am grateful to the people and mentors I have surrounding me. The work has been done and if we hang on just a bit longer, the light will start to shine through the cracks we have all made in the systems.