Artists Mentors

There are many people that change our lives as we move along the road of our lives.

One of these for me was Sveva Caetani.

When my daughter and I first moved to Vernon, we were seeking community and connection. I was invited by a wonderful group of woman that I met at an arts co-op meeting. A hard working group of people trying to build an arts support movement and bring more awareness to the artists of the Okanagan. I was invited to a heated meeting at the Arts Council.  Small town politics rampant. This is where I heard about the Caetani house. and of course, Sveva. Follow and I will tell my story connection to this great women mentor.  And I challenge all my fellow artists to do the same. There are many ways to tell the story of the Queen of the Arts…the web of connection she wove and the importance of this great artist. The Svevafest is a wonderful start. The sets of a global art quality, as were the costumes and lighting.. a tribute to the talent the Okanagan has. But the life of Sveva has so many layers. Her grace, and artist soul will take many stories, to unravel a history of passion, beauty, strength, and true artist being.

Hints of Michelangelo and love affairs and souls tangled in time and distance and a woman that graced us all….17


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