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Behold the Blueline

A Moving Force…

Penned in the Power of Blue

By L. Fleming – 2019

Michelle’s sense of creativity is once again ‘endowed with vision’…  The newly minted ‘Blueline’ is akin to Canada Geese!  Defined as hovering avatars in V-shape flight, following geomagnetic lines of energy, wheeling together in a magnetic force to direct flight paths.  Migratory Birds possess a built-in “map & compass” to navigate directional lines in a natural magnetic field.

Drawn by the blue line of the sky and aligned by the stars, birds map out their local environs using physical landmarks synchronized with an inherent compass set in unified balance.  Revolving along an invisible & protective ‘axis’, the Blueline shield safeguards and embodies “Route Blue”.  This center line that levitates in our tracks gives symmetry and balance to elements (such as works of art) in a harmonious direction of travel.

In every language, symmetry refers to a main line of motion in an alliance of power.  To promote and maintain mutual interests, the ‘Blueline’ transfers a sense of equilibrium in proportion to geometric lines of energy to align unique purposes of travel.  Steeped in the Spirit of Blue [the color of sea & sky], the ‘Blueline’ symbolizes depth, trust & wisdom and is beneficial to the mind, body & soul of our universe.

I wholeheartedly relate to Michelle’s ‘Blueline’ as testament to the power of verse, as quoted in reference to poetry of {Wild Geese} being in a capacity to speak so deeply to so many types of people & human characteristics.  Moreover, to honor the words of singer/songwriter {Joni Mitchell’s} beautifully crafted song entitled “Urge for Going” …


May the ‘Blueline’ carry us to boundless destinations along our braided trails!

Soaring in the Spirit of Blue,

Lorrie Fleming

In celebration of 2019, A Boldly Blue Year

Prelude to Behold the Blueline

My perspective of Michelle’s ‘Blueline’ connotes an imaginary (yet tangible) spatial map acting as a pivotal and omnipresent overhead guideway to synchronize national interests with a multi-national scope.  The Blueline sets the course and we (the travelers) follow our hearts along a connective path to fulfill the journey…

“Purpose is the reason you journey.

Passion is the fire that lights the way” (Author Unknown)

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