RIVERS-TO-ROADS -TO SCAFFOLDS Interweaving Threads of Color into the Strands of our Transportation Corridor Narrative by Lorrie Fleming Penned on December 12, 2020 Inspired by a conversation with Master Muralist, Michelle Loughery             A new generation of trail blazers are geared up and ready to hit the road, headed for an optimistic journey as the CoronavirusContinue reading “TRANSFORMING OUR HERITAGE HIGHWAYS INTO ART ROUTES”


AR:T ROUTE GOLD My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back. Louis Riel A multi community art in action call out to create environmental pubic art plantings and physical art around British Columbia. This project has deep roots in aContinue reading ““THE SUNFLOWER PROJECT” Community Art Trail on AR:T ROUTE BLUE”


Art and beauty comes in many forms, including the natural and the handmade , and there’s no reason why, when admiring one, you cannot enjoy the other. And there is no reason that our modern cave masterpieces should not be showcased as invitations for the globe to visit and meander along our highways. The bonusContinue reading “AR:T ROUTE CANADA”


AR:T ROUTE BLUE has legs and roots.. I have a vision. One that has consumed me for so long. The connection of people and communities under one thread. A piece of thread that we can all hold on to. The highways unite us all. Animals, and people have traversed those highways or paths form centuries.Continue reading “BLUE UPDATE”

Lorrie the Highway Mentor

G’Day, My Sister Travelers: As I sit here now in the wrath of a midland storm awaiting the power to kick in; I contemplate the journey that lies ahead. Shifting our direction along this course as the wind changes direction, does not mean we’ve lost the will to move forward… Seemingly, we fall victim ofContinue reading “Lorrie the Highway Mentor”


Hello from Trails End… Leaving our last campsite here in the Coldstream Valley perched high on the hillside that overlooks the radiantly beautiful Kalamalka Lake!The views up here are stunning and this magnificent area is truly difficult to leave behind in our rear view. Going ‘back to reality’ heading homeward, we’re stopped for a restContinue reading “#ARTROUTE VERNON”

The faces of the people

No matter what road life takes you, it truly is the people along the way that are the paint strokes in the canvas of your life. As an artist that traveled the world I have met many many faces. This picture is of a wonderful young man that worked so hard for the Merritt crew.Continue reading “The faces of the people”

2018 ROUTE BLUE and Michelle Loughery Murals

Tourism is not exclusively an economic movement, it also involves social, cultural, political and environmental aspects. It is important to realize that any assessment of tourism impacts should not only be concerned with the tangible economic effects such as revenue and foreign exchange earnings, but also with non-economic and intangible effects, such as social andContinue reading “2018 ROUTE BLUE and Michelle Loughery Murals”

#RouteBlue Women

There are many people that have touched the path of the start of Route Blue. Many that offered support, mentorship and grace. One of the strongest forces of the Wayfinder path to Route Blue is a women named Jennifer Law Conkie. Michelle and J, as Michelle loves to call her, met after a phone callContinue reading “#RouteBlue Women”