#RouteBlue Women

There are many people that have touched the path of the start of Route Blue. Many that offered support, mentorship and grace. One of the strongest forces of the Wayfinder path to Route Blue is a women named Jennifer Law Conkie. Michelle and J, as Michelle loves to call her, met after a phone call with CBC Arts Host Paul Grant in which Paul suggested that Michelle call her. Paul and Michelle were discussing the success of the Vernon and Merritt projects, and about her recent art project in New York City.

In Michelle’s words.

I was telling Paul how much the youth were loving being involved in the art and being part of the community. Paul was a wonderful connection and he was excited to talk about CBC Art spot and how murals with youth skills and employment should be everywhere. I was telling him how much I agreed and how some of the business side seemed daunting at times. I remember after the animated conversation, Paul said, “Michelle, you are a dolphin, swimming amongst sharks!”
You need to call this woman I know. She is a lawyer in Vancouver. She is brilliant and honest and she can help you.”

I called her and to make a long story short. Jennifer changed my life. As a mentor she was tough and direct and taught me so much. A gorgeous celtic woman with the most beautiful eyes. She traded her work for mine, and I was honoured to be valued. My journey with Jennifer and Wayfinder spanned over several years. And this will unravel as Route Blue moves along the highways. But Jennifer taught me many things. She taught me to tap my hand to keep calm and she taught me a lady always knows when to leave. She is a true feminist and a brilliant writer. Jennifer is a blue horse. And my journey and time with her created Wayfinder and my charity and so much more.

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