2018 ROUTE BLUE and Michelle Loughery Murals

Tourism is not exclusively an economic movement, it also involves social, cultural, political and environmental aspects. It is important to realize that any assessment of tourism impacts should not only be concerned with the tangible economic effects such as revenue and foreign exchange earnings, but also with non-economic and intangible effects, such as social and cultural ones. Route Blue is part of this movement , and has been an innovation that has a 30 year history of social economic growth globally. Mural Art is a generator and sense of place with layer of opportunity to engage, educate, preserve and promote humanity, environment and social change and the healthy collective life of community.

The showcasing of life through creative expressions, traditional ceremonies, traditions and community organizations. Mural story art and the social economic return on investment, through the tourism tool they are, have effects on the people of host communities in direct and indirect associations with tourists. The power of the Large Art, in the layers of tourism development is a huge and continually transforming tourism social economic movement.  Route Blue ArtCONNX has deep roots in the modern movement, with ancient roots, in talent based generational applied arts learning.

To teach and build community in Art in Action, ARTCONNX, and RURAL CREATES Tourism..which does build community, mental health and prosperity for all.

The socio-cultural effects of applied art tourism are difficult to measure, and to a large extent are indirect, or even unknown. The majority of the studies undertaken until now in this area, were mainly concerned with understanding the social impacts on the host societies, rather than the impacts on the tourists themselves.  Route Blue has many impact studies on the projects and socio- economics of the philosophy.  The use of applied mural art in rural community building for 30 years, in skills knowledge building in youth and in tourism impact, sit in boxes of files waiting to be calculated and studied.   The story waiting to be shared, and in the very act of sharing this very successful partnership consortium model, that includes artists, youth and non profit as the new 3 to the P3 of community building.  stay tuned as we dig out files and as all Michelle Loughery Projects occur, will be through ART in ACTION..through WAYFINDER learning and the new ROUTE BLUE LEGACY project..is at the starting gate…let the horses run

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