AR:T ROUTE BLUE has legs and roots..

I have a vision. One that has consumed me for so long. The connection of people and communities under one thread. A piece of thread that we can all hold on to. The highways unite us all. Animals, and people have traversed those highways or paths form centuries. The very land making the wayfinder lines and the valleys and water the places that hold our dreams and our steps. I am always humbled by the stories of the immigrants that I am so proud to be a person molded by. Those stories are like threads. Strong and visions of places and times that my eyes have never seen. But they are as real and defining as my own experiences. This is the bridge of time that each one of us hold. The connection of the generations and why elders are so important. I am a grandmother. I love the art of being a grandmother. My grandchildren are portals to my own children, yet also a mirror of myself and a look back at those I never met. The DNA in all of us is a tapestry. It is the life line to the future. AR:T Route blue has been a long journey. It is hard to explain what it is. Many may think it is an art route. Many think it is a blog. Many think it is something that a crazy artist is pushing that makes no sense. But it is a vision. It is building something that will connect us to each other and to the creative skills that exist in everyone of us. And it is the space. The space that lives between each one of us. I met a wonderful new artist from Ashcroft this week. Marina and I were speaking about the blue and Marina sees artist copyright is like water.

Art is for everyone. You can own water rights..but you never own the water…only the creator can. And in that conversation and connection I realized that the blue is vital to us connecting through creative thought and the thread that brings us all together…..the blue is a thread that is making its way and I am again humbled by the journey. Grateful in Blue- Michelle The Blue Wayfinder


Rural Rider

Highway Art:
Here’s the New Garbage Gobblers @ The Coldstream Lookout – Note:  The original version (pic below) housed in Revelstoke!

Lorrie the Highway Mentor

G’Day, My Sister Travelers:

As I sit here now in the wrath of a midland storm awaiting the power to kick in; I contemplate the journey that lies ahead.

Shifting our direction along this course as the wind changes direction, does not mean we’ve lost the will to move forward…

Seemingly, we fall victim of our success, as progress forces us to embrace challenges and shift gears.

Notwithstanding change,  I truly believe that going back to our roots is the force that grounds us to rise above, to reach even higher sources of power.

The thought of the ‘Old Gold Rush Road’ connecting ‘The Mother Road’ hits directly home 🏡 for me.  And the fear of missing an opportunity to ‘thread the needle’ on this ribbon of road may [at times] seem out of reach.

However, As I recapture my thoughts, I see myself (not lost, but found) along a discovery detour in the spotlight of spectacular scenery that becomes anew with every mile forging through this new road.

May our  journey continue and carry us to new heights, keeping our legacy relevant & vibrant by building unbreakable bonds in this galvanized chain of heritage highways.  

As true ”Wayfinders”, Our goal is to rise and lift others whom we meet along this pathway!

Love Lorrie
Staying on Course


Hello from Trails End…

Leaving our last campsite here in the Coldstream Valley perched high on the hillside that overlooks the radiantly beautiful Kalamalka Lake!
The views up here are stunning and this magnificent area is truly difficult to leave behind in our rear view.

Going ‘back to reality’ heading homeward, we’re stopped for a rest at Juniper Beach’ along the banks of the Thompson River, west of Kamloops Lake.  How blessed we are to witness the landscape unfold in a kaleidoscope of colors.  From red apples 🍎 to pumpkins 🎃 of brilliant orange, nature’s bounty speaks volumes as Autumn settles into brilliant hues.

So long for now my special comrades, we shall meet again soon ‘down destiny’s road’!

Love Lorrie
Rural ROUTES Rider

Blue Line

The Blue Line that connects us all is the roots and routes that bind us together. The indigenous people that are the soul of the land, and the immigrants who flocked here to make a better life for their children. Together these lines circle the globe. Not on race, but all. The indigenous blue is looking at the globe as one nation. The thin blue line that hovers just above the highway, just out of reach. The hope for a connected tribe that sees the earth as our economy, and the people as the tools in a rift of harmony. Is this a vision far reaching? Yes!  But through connections to each other through our creative stories and resilience, we can rise above and have a true global reconciliation.  

AR:TROUTE BLUE with Highway Queen

Lorrie Flemming and her wonderful Husband Bob and their amazing dog are off to follow the blue and blog about the #destination Mural Town tour…
Dear my fellow bluers:

Enjoying the coastline art along the historic reaches of Monterey & adjoining town of Pacific Grove Cali.  The bike trail that joins the two beach cities features this great wall of interpretive vestiges steeped in local history.  Our next overnight stop is San Louis Obispo & Cambria, both strongly rooted in Spanish  culture., followed by my favourite colourful mural town of Exeter – steeped in agricultural history…may the journey implant permeant roots!

Sending love from the road,
Lorrie Fleming
One for the Road
Photos courtesy Bob Walker

Rotary Centre of the Arts Blue Renew Show Jan 3- 31 Kelowna

IMG_1228Vernon, BC based Master Artist, Michelle Loughery, and show visionary is pleased to open Blue Renew –  an exiting and powerful, curated artist collaboration exhibition at the Rotary Centre of the Arts in Kelowna BC.


Celebrating the Power of Blue through collaboration of Artists, Art and ArtBuoys.

Michelle Loughery – Route Blue Buoys – Blue Renew

The group of Route Blue are coming together to collaborate on the first show of 2018 – an alignment of ten premier Okanagan Artists and artworks by emerging artists, reflecting on the 2017 challenges faced by people and planet.

The exhibition picks pieces of what is left behind, to ignite a renewal process and invites our communities to explore, through an artistic lens, the coming together, the forming of new paths, and the strength in the ancient act of hand to land artistic vision.

We stand for the energy of the waters, and the need to protect and respect Mother Nature, as we humbly move ahead after her warning tumble, during the floods and fires that have devastated so many areas.

This collaboration invites the viewer to leave a piece behind … write a word that represents 2017 or the intent for 2018. We are all one … we are all blue … we are part of one tribe. We are the power of blue!

The public is invited to participate in the Blue Renew – art:debris, art and ARTbouy exhibition that runs until January 31, 2018. Grand Opening at Kelowna’s Rotary Centre for the Arts in the Galleria is January 18, 2018 from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm.

The exhibition will engage the public in a multitude of land, water and social issues expressed through artistic conversation, storytelling and connection … “the time of consciousness has arisen – The Knower”. Renewal like the wings of a crow, bold strikes in the air … debris reclaimed to fuel imagination, determination, and honouring the power of nature to remind us of our small place in the blue waters of life.

Renewal starts with the picking up of debris and reclaiming the action of community throughdiverse collaboration,” said Michelle Loughery, Vernon, BC –based and internationally renowned master artist.

Route Blue engagement artBuoys are an art debris connection tool to explore our diversity, the environment, our communities, and ourselves. Reclaimed ocean buoys transformed into art by citizens, youth, elders and artists – ocean debris that has been cleaned up from global coasts, by a non-profit called The Ocean Legacy Foundation.


Artists are the speakers of the now, the painters of the visions and the hands lent to toil the stories of our lives. Engagement art is many hands coming together leaving artistic footprints behind.


– 30 – Media Inquiries 250-517-9717 | email:

For more information, contact

For Immediate Release

#exploreRouteBlue #wayfinderart

Venue: Rotary Centre for the Arts

421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna, BC Canada V1Y 6Z1

Additional Information:

Collaborating Exhibition Installation Artists

Michelle Loughery, Master Artist

angelika jaeger (aj)
Sheldon Pierre Louis
Jill McDonald

Patricia Doyle
Melissa Dinwoodie Gale Woodhouse
Rob Creelman
Brittany Loughery Kette

Stacey Phinnemore

Lynn Stoughton

Jennifer Greenwood

Mandy Reeves
Patrina McNeill
Linda Marriott
Beverley Peacock Rachael Zubick


Celebrating the Power of Blue through collaboration of Artists, Art and ArtBuoys.