First is for our love of AR:T and sharing our favorites with you.

Hey this is the AR:T ROUTE BLUE WAYFINDER JOURNAL..Here we will share our stories and experiences of the blue with you.

In search of Sunflowers

In Search of Sunflowers Natural Storytellers  Symbolic Art & Soul of the Road              “My Heart wants Roots, but my Mind wants Wings…” an articulate phrase coined by popular Lyricist {E.Y. Harburg} that describes the wandering soul of many travelers, like myself, in a constant search for things that make us feel whole.  Commonly referred to as […]


Grab a tea and take a listen as Travel Writer and Queen of the Highway Lorrie Fleming and Artist Michelle Loughery chat art on Highways. Stay tuned for more in this highway series.

Blue Wayfinder

Lacing a Legacy into a Ribbon of Road with Lorrie Flemming Our Stories is the Gift that’s Wrapped into a Ribbon-of-Hope tying us together as One… “And Shaping the Stories into an Everlasting Telling Art Form.” Narrative by Lorrie Fleming             Alas, 2021 is ending, and humanity pleas to the gatekeeper to reopen our freedom and […]

Our Braided Trails

HIGHWAY TRAVEL WRITER LORRIE FLEMING SPEAK IN A SILENT LANGUAGE THAT WHISPERS SOFTLY INTO THE WINDS OF TIME …Our History Speaks Through a Land of Braided Trails…             Let’s all join hearts-to-hands with land-to-legends in celebration of our transportation network carved by the toil of our ancestral trail blazers & pioneers setting the course toward unlimited […]


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