Rocking the #Rural

In a time of renewal..Social media helps equalize the rural infrastructure in tourism. It eliminates physical boundaries and increases access to small towns, with access to the traveller grid. The inventory of the creative spots, art, roadhouses and authentic artisans people experiences are abundant, and the visits diversifying the economy, while fostering rural learning and closing the urban – rural divide. Bringing in the environmental knowledge to encourage respectful and responsible tourism.

Rural business owners can connect with other vendors or partners and the wider demographics and look within to gain new perspectives of the value of the inventory of their rural community and extend a personal invitation for people to visit their small town.

With social media, visitors can experience the community from anywhere in the world and immerse themselves in the invitation to visit and experience the layers of rural life and the incredible enthusiasm locals have for their own town. Visitors can experience the invitation to the hearth of home town BC.




There is a need..not only for this area but across the USA & Canada.

Rural towns are facing many challenges…and they must build a cart that all the horses can pull. A connected trail that brings all the rural together in a united grid that is like a giant story book of stories. Gold Country is the region with the vision to renew and embrace the new creative and digital economy. With the success of the Gold Country Geo Cache program, it was only natural for the augmented reality Geo Art to launch from the region. Partnered with the many interior mural towns that are a huge tourism economy in themselves, it is a natural strategy to use the murals as gateways and fill the art and story spots in-between.

Borderless Grid Tourism is out of the box thinking.. Gold Country has the vision and the champions to work tirelessly with the innovation of AR:T ROUTE BLUE…and Create AR:T ROUTE GOLD for their region.

Highway Connection

Fire is a giant equalizer. The effected communities are vital to the soul of the west, and the story of the resilient people is needed to be sung. The people along the highway corridors effected by the disastrous fires of the last years are strong and are working hard to rebuild the arteries of the land. Art is a tourism and economic driver, but it is also a very large connector and renewal tool. The heritage TransCanada Highway fed this province with community builders and visionaries for a better life. This is a chance to lead and invite other provinces to join a a TRANS CANADA CONNECTOR Gateway initiative that will leave a creative circle route that will connect our historic Canadian Highway to the famous mother road of Route 66.

One response to “Rocking the #Rural”

  1. You strike a visionary chord the addresses the call to adapt to the rapidly changing climate of eco tourism. In a digital world that has left even the most clever of thinkers behind in this arena it is paramount that we narrow the gap. In a digital world the opportunity to close the gap quickly and completely is at our hands. Borderless Blue…Bold Gold….through the looking glass of Gold Country & Rural Creates has begun this journey!


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