A Free-Flowing Corridor Connecting Art

Into the Landscape for All Humanity

Short Narrative by Lorrie Fleming – March, 2019

            What’s in a name?  As we brainstormed the title, Michelle alludes to both the Project (as our mission) and the Podcast (as the promotion) and she responded “each have a life”!    Spoken as a true artist, just as water carves canyons and natural wonders, the creativity of a hand-to-land technique creates its own artform upon the global landscape.

Borderless Blue carries a vast imagery of history through the Artist’s eyes and transforms the stories into text that speaks a universal language for all humankind.  Lasting through the ages, Borderless is destined to cross-connect with other “Mural Cities, Townsites and Monuments” along a continual Art corridor that has no visible boundaries.     

Borderless is a transformative reality, driven by shared cultural & socioeconomic values inherent by collective voices telling the land-to-hand stories in a visual & accessible form using futuristic techniques to draw a lasting impression that’s true blue in nature.  Borderless Blue is a bridge into the breadth of our homeland to outreach a globally driven all inclusive platform to showcase our grassroots.  

Yes indeed, there’s great strength in a name!  Therein lies our mission, goals, self-worth and true identity emboldened by the powerful and creative hallmarks bequeathed to humanity into a “Borderless Blue” …                  

A Blueprint of our core values elevated to an Art

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