The ROAD Fairy

A Wayfinder’s Paradise: By Lorrie Fleming

The Packinghouse – A golden gem located in the confines of the original packing house structure once owned by the Pioneering Woman, Widow Smith, who laboriously produced apples that became famously sought after by British Royalty, namely King Edward VII…

In a most surprising encounter sighted on a road trip originating along Highway 8 from Merritt to Spences Bridge, Bob & I and a fellow roadie were initially introduced to the famous ‘Packinghouse’.  We crossed the waterway over the ‘Old Bridge’ that once upon a time graced the town’s namesake.  As we approached the crossroad on Riverview Avenue, we discovered a welcoming sight in the form of signage mounted on a wooden building bearing the name – “The Packinghouse”.  A welcome experience soon greeted us at the door (Mr. Steve Rice) the proprietor, a charming gentleman sporting a colorful apron, invited us in for a refreshment that was creatively blended with a smile & resonating story!  Steve and his gracious wife Paulette are skilled orcharadists who cultivate & transfer the fruits of their labor to the tables of the historic Packinghouse Eatery. History comes vividly alive within every corner of this special place where majestic camels once roamed; and today’s travelers along the Trans-Canada Highway spot herds of Big Horn Sheep that regularly navigate the area hillsides and trek down to the river banks for a refreshing drink.         

The heartwarming hamlet of Spences Bridge is situated in a spiritually charged ‘Golden Triangle’ where the Nicola & Thompson Rivers flow together in harmonious concert, echoed by the rumbling sound of the railway traffic passing along the banks of the rivers edge.  Recognized as the Interior’s “Food Basket” and home to one of the largest produce stands in the area has been a treasured feature of Spences Bridge. Also a heritage site, built on the spot where pioneering anthropologist {James Teit} once lived.

Thank you, Steve & Paulette for shifting our senses in gear (sight, sound, aroma & flavor) for the long ride homeward… 

Lorrie & Bob

Intrepid Travelers & ROUTE BLUE ROADIE

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