There are times in a career where you have to take time to slow down and see the path you are on. Many years of being knee deep in grant begs and rejection letters, makes way for some small yes notifications, some enormous yes notifications and the perceived success of a monetary nod.

But today I was reminded it is the commodity of people that truly make community projects the marvellous movements they are. There is type of people that are knee deep in mud, worn out, depleted, all the colour sucked out of them by trying to fit circles into boxes. The fact is like my good friend Lorrie Flemming said to me today. “A road trip is hard, because sometimes the rubber wheels can’t flow like a river. ” My brilliant mentor is right.

The creative economy is here, and the train to that path is old. The boxes need to fit into the circles. The circles are spirals that grow up and out and includes all. True change can only happen if the change is touched by everyone. Like the round table King Arthur was so fond of. Everyone is equal there, there is not a class or colour distinction. I am grateful to the people and mentors I have surrounding me. The work has been done and if we hang on just a bit longer, the light will start to shine through the cracks we have all made in the systems.

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