The Buoy set up…

Describing the buoy set up is like describing an exercise in creative Jenga.  Putting the buoys together in a form that is pleasing to the eye, and won’t fall over is challenging enough. Putting the buoys together, in a way that pleases creative artists, that like to push boundaries, is also like creative Jenga. The untouched ancients lending their ocean carved art to the mix. Favourite buoys that frame the painted ones, that when you take a step back, would look better on the artist buoy pole, next to your buoy stand.  Taking a step back to look at the entire series of  Buoy Story Poles is a fun and inventive lens, to look close then faraway: much like mural work I think. I am thinking a fun night would be to bring in 100 painted buoys, and sell tickets to the buoy install event. Time the shuffle, take a picture, then shuffle again.   A new take on wine and art nights..because you can throw in ladder climbing, as a fitness component to the art event..could be something catchy….but for now…here are some fun pics of the wonderful artists installing on our Art Jenga night!

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