Rotary Centre of the Arts Blue Renew Show Jan 3- 31 Kelowna

IMG_1228Vernon, BC based Master Artist, Michelle Loughery, and show visionary is pleased to open Blue Renew –  an exiting and powerful, curated artist collaboration exhibition at the Rotary Centre of the Arts in Kelowna BC.


Celebrating the Power of Blue through collaboration of Artists, Art and ArtBuoys.

Michelle Loughery – Route Blue Buoys – Blue Renew

The group of Route Blue are coming together to collaborate on the first show of 2018 – an alignment of ten premier Okanagan Artists and artworks by emerging artists, reflecting on the 2017 challenges faced by people and planet.

The exhibition picks pieces of what is left behind, to ignite a renewal process and invites our communities to explore, through an artistic lens, the coming together, the forming of new paths, and the strength in the ancient act of hand to land artistic vision.

We stand for the energy of the waters, and the need to protect and respect Mother Nature, as we humbly move ahead after her warning tumble, during the floods and fires that have devastated so many areas.

This collaboration invites the viewer to leave a piece behind … write a word that represents 2017 or the intent for 2018. We are all one … we are all blue … we are part of one tribe. We are the power of blue!

The public is invited to participate in the Blue Renew – art:debris, art and ARTbouy exhibition that runs until January 31, 2018. Grand Opening at Kelowna’s Rotary Centre for the Arts in the Galleria is January 18, 2018 from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm.

The exhibition will engage the public in a multitude of land, water and social issues expressed through artistic conversation, storytelling and connection … “the time of consciousness has arisen – The Knower”. Renewal like the wings of a crow, bold strikes in the air … debris reclaimed to fuel imagination, determination, and honouring the power of nature to remind us of our small place in the blue waters of life.

Renewal starts with the picking up of debris and reclaiming the action of community throughdiverse collaboration,” said Michelle Loughery, Vernon, BC –based and internationally renowned master artist.

Route Blue engagement artBuoys are an art debris connection tool to explore our diversity, the environment, our communities, and ourselves. Reclaimed ocean buoys transformed into art by citizens, youth, elders and artists – ocean debris that has been cleaned up from global coasts, by a non-profit called The Ocean Legacy Foundation.


Artists are the speakers of the now, the painters of the visions and the hands lent to toil the stories of our lives. Engagement art is many hands coming together leaving artistic footprints behind.


– 30 – Media Inquiries 250-517-9717 | email: routeblue@shaw.ca

For more information, contact

For Immediate Release

#exploreRouteBlue #wayfinderart


Venue: Rotary Centre for the Arts


421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna, BC Canada V1Y 6Z1

Additional Information:

Collaborating Exhibition Installation Artists

Michelle Loughery, Master Artist

angelika jaeger (aj)
Sheldon Pierre Louis
Jill McDonald

Patricia Doyle
Melissa Dinwoodie Gale Woodhouse
Rob Creelman
Brittany Loughery Kette

Stacey Phinnemore

Lynn Stoughton

Jennifer Greenwood

Mandy Reeves
Patrina McNeill
Linda Marriott
Beverley Peacock Rachael Zubick


Celebrating the Power of Blue through collaboration of Artists, Art and ArtBuoys.






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