Why the BLUE?



Because social art has and will continue to build community in a people connection path!

Because a digital book of the collections of the good people do in communities will take social art and multiply to more good through social community art.

Because so much has happened to change communities during 30 years of Mural making in Communities globally and the best way to tell that story and grow more people doing social art is to tell that story and add more social art stories.

Because in the search for Blue Horses and the Blue Tribe, many people have a place along Route Blue and their place in finding their BLUE.

Because “Finding your Blue” is about you too. And artists truly are the new economy both in form, function and life in rural communities. Connecting the blue is tourism and community and learning and life all rolled up in Blue.

A movement to connect rural artists and rural communities.
It is a digital autobiography digital mural collection that will reveal and support the creative talent in small towns -the makers and markers that are the heart and steam to a new creative economy.

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