Caetani Wayfinder Installation

Caetani- Roots of the House

This collaboration of the Artists that have been touched by the house and the legacy of Sveva was built with many hands. These hands are connected, through the roots of the heart of the house, that lives in the souls of all artists.

Like the root system of the great trees that graced the property, the ones lucky enough to have created in the shade of the property and grace of Sveva, will forever be forged into history.

The stories of the family and the journey taken, is a hidden mystery, told through Sveva’s work, that is a gracious gift to the world.  Sveva would have been 100 years old this year. The creative passion she used to survive and document her life, is a legacy that so many work tirelessly to protect and preserve.

Look around you tonight and see that legacy in new generations and new followers. Artists document our lives in lasting history and lives lived through art.

Art is here tonight, in the art works, but also in the food, the stories, the gardens, the clothing and most of all in the people that are sharing this evening. Look around we are all a magnificent art installation, swirling in the Okanagan summer glory. This Caetani – Buoy & Art Debris installation, pays tribute to what people can do when we all connect in the roots of our lives to the art in all of us. Creative Communities that help us sing.


Michelle Loughery-Route Blue Artist Trail



Gale Woodhouse, aj Jaeger, Pat Doyle, Michelle Loughery, Judy Rose, Rob Creelman, Melissa Dinwoodie, Rachael Zubick

Ophelia Caetani

“Aristocrat and European bride transplanted into the Canadian Wilderness, who in her longing for her lost life, missed out on the beauty that her daughter Sveva could see. “  aj jaeger


Leone Caetani

Like the twisted journey to Canada, the gnarly roots of the man who was to be King, was like the Zeus in Sveva’s artwork. Of the lands beyond, to the lands before.



The art, the story, the woman.

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