Canada 150 Diversity Mural Beads

The Diversity Mural Bead Public ART Installation is inspired by thousands of years of ancient hand to land art skills across all cultures, the art-making experiential process, environmental stewardship and the Big Idea – “Where did I come from?”

Canada 150 Diversity Mural Bead “ROUTE BLUE BUOY” Project
Funded by Government of Canada, Greater Vernon Museum, School District #22, The City of Vernon and Artist Michelle Loughery, Route Blue Project.
Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, by taking part in an public art rededication and installation at the Greater Vernon Museum, June 27th, 2017, at 5:00 pm.
An innovative community art engagement project, connecting schools, artists, and community together, while creating cross culture dialogue, and contributing to building a sense of pride and attachment to Canada.
The Big Idea,” Where did I come from?”, has inspired dialogue and intergenerational storytelling throughout the community, with colourful learning experiences and paint strokes exchanged on hundreds of rescued bouys provided by the Ocean Legacy Foundation.
Route Blue Canada 150 Diversity Mural Beads are a design thinking community connection tool, to explore and celebrate ourselves, our diversity, the environment, our communities, and Canada.
Come join in the temporary installation on the grounds of the Greater Vernon Museum.

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