#ROUTEBLUE Merritt Musician- Coli Graham 93 years old..student of Einstein

I am blown away by this wonderful man!

This is Coli, he the handsome talented man who has added music to the Merritt Blue Bird North Mural TOUR. Local tour organizer Dawn Marie Chyphya has created amazing opportunities for musicians to be involved in musical mural tours. Dawn’s description of this local artist musician is this. ” So Beautiful. I meet with this wonderful gentleman at least once a week since his dear wife of 56 years passed away. His name is Coli Graham, a long time resident of Merritt. Very intelligent man as a matter of fact Michelle Loughery he had a professor one time by the name of Albert Einstein. I love listening to Coli’s stories about his studies with Einstein. Entirely Interesting & Coli is so humble . . I am honoured to know him. He lives around the corner from my house, and often I will come home and Coli will be sitting in my yard with my special needs guy that lives with me. I told Coli he can come and enjoy my little piece of heaven anytime he wants even if I am not home & I am glad he does.18119010_10158684647630271_6958856118440210717_n

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