Pursuit of happiness…

Take heed of the teachings of our Mother Road.  She stands stately in the shadows serving as the “Queen of the Road” to usher a new generation of roadies to embark upon our two-lane highway system that unified (2) nations of a common Mother.  These 2-lane predecessors of our modern multi-lane freeways remain as portals to comfort zones & safe havens hidden in the outskirts offering a diversion to our hurried life-style of todays plugged-in and ‘disposable’ society.

The Route 66 Revival is a true-to-life renaissance that reaches out to a place that turns back the clock to a time when life was pure & simple and the captivating flavors of the road appealed to all our senses (sight, smell, taste).   The longing to seek adventure opened the gates across (2) nations whose peoples share a cultural commonality of mobility.  Hence the international connective corridors of Route 99 & 97 touch the vast landscape of Canadian soil.  This beckoning alternate byway defines the quintessential nostalgic journey and truly showcases historic travel entwined with up-to-date technological conveniences.  The Historic Highway movement spurred an awakening of Downtown Main Streets in business districts that for decades were reduced to ghosts by the advancement of expressways.  The introduction of mural cities throughout ‘Main Street’ Corridors, introduced a fresh new vision for historic & fact seeking travelers.  Route 97 in Weed California is a unique gateway, deemed the “Beginning of the Alaska Highway”.  This city marks it’s claim by a Totem Pole and an enduring welcome archway.  The Route stretches northward through the golden sun clad Okanagan region of BC and continues northbound to Dawson Creek another Gateway City touted as “Mile ‘0’ on the Alaska Highway”.  
From California to Alaska through the vast interior of BC, our heritage is shared by a vibrant past!

A page from the diary of a seasoned traveler,
“One for the Road”

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