What an incredible doctrine that you compiled in support of the Route Blue initiative focusing & honoring small towns BC!

In my view, a descriptive imprint of “Route Blue” is an altruistic moral compass, manifesting a socially, culturally & environmentally viable linear community that supports a new age of consciousness to reflect a sense of permanence and well being into rural living. This land of opportunity is sourced via an international “Cultural Highway”, an intrinsic connective conduit primed to showcase the merits of each townsite as a reciprocal & tangible entity. Shall I say ‘Route Blue’ puts us “in the saddle” to move travelers & homesteaders on a joyful journey cultivating new relationships & cultural experiences by means of the “Arts”!

Goals that we set are ever changing, whereas, visible Art adorned in public view throughout each community leaves a permanent mark in the landscape of humanity. A sense of well being in perfect balance for every rural stakeholder is priceless and a natural fit to stimulate local economies in the breadth of the ‘Route Blue’ initiative.

Take heed in the success of “The Mother Road”, as illustrated in the new book “Route 66 America’s Longest Small Town” (2,451 Miles), the author refers to the Renaissance of this linear community resurrected by human determination. Check out a preview at Google Books – Bob & I are featured on Pages 122 & 125 stating The Canadian Association was born of our detour inspired by a Television program…

Yours, in kinship to our journey,


The Mother Road beckons through the Grand Canyon of life in the Sunshine State of Arizona. The mystery unfolds around every turn of this epic journey upon our beloved Route 66… May the wind be at your rear and the sun be your fuel!
Hugging the Road in our ’99 Mustang

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