ROUTE BLUE the arts are a business!

It is the Call for Entry from Interior Health, and the response from so many, that we at ROUTE BLUE take this time to share the mission of ROUTE BLUE.
Many of us have spent our entire careers building community with art. Community art. We have shared enormous social and economic value to our cities and rural communities, and this as we know is vital and appreciated, is still not looked at as a dollar figure. Another huge part of the issue that we have experienced is how communities use and treat the resource of the arts. The property, the use, the leveraging ability and the business of the arts in the economy. This is up to the artists to educate the system on. Artists live in the space between the system and the cities. This is an invisible place and one that we discovered is connected along the highways to all the other artists in all the other communities. So we took this initiative to the Province. WE are inviting Artists to join us in a collaborative to educate, inform and grow an artist system resource. The arts have become the new economy. We all now they have always been that, but the digital age has brought the fact that we are building new content and this content is a mineable and renewable resource. We are leading the economy in the global tourism and product development arena. Art, music, film, digital,crafts, applied art, community art and the list goes on.. Teaching how to treat the products and services artists create is up to us. It is proactive, to reactive. It is a movement! it is teaching the system how to treat the tribe of creatives that we are all part of. SO ROUTE BLUE…well that is the herd of the blue horses. The spirit of the blue horse. The horse has its feet on the ground and its spirit in the air. Like Artists we see in two worlds, the ground and in the mind to create what s not there to be there. As all people have traveled the trails to move and build communities, those highways are our storefronts, galleries and a path to a strong diverse prosperous future for all of us. WE ARE IN BUSINESS. THE BUSINESS OF THE ARTS. So have been given the nod to make this provincial movement happen. People and systems want to partner and work with us. Together the herd of BLUE HORSES (ARTISTS) can move together stronger and united.

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