Along the Route is the roots of our rural communities!

This is the Merritt Dessert Inn. It is an authentic place of true country hospitality. The canvas walls that I was allowed to play with was an artists dream. Work full body immersed in art and paint all day in the sun, and then a wonderful meal and hot coffee with the Belle of the hotel, Melvina White! This woman is true pioneer of community and the amount of time and resources she gives to her rural community is unmeasurable. A little known fact is that this woman donated a room to me for almost all of the eight years I spent working in Merritt BC. This kindness was something I will never forget. Time working away from the comforts of your home can be hard and the nights when everyone else went home to their lives, could some nights really take its toll. I will forever cherish my tired walk up the stairs to Melva’s office and the long night strategy conversations and good ol girl talk forever. Along #ROUTEBLUE A MUST SEE.. IS THE MERRITT B.C. DESERT INN… AND STAY IN THE JOHNNY CASH ROOM!. And yes Johnny Cash’s bus really did stop there. And yes his band the Tennessee trio stopped there. And yes we got to see the inside of that bus.. Route Blue is about our BC highways..but the real stories, of real people along the way.

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