ROUTE BLUE Highway Writer Lorrie Flemming…Mural Chuck Caplinger

Mural Chuck Caplinger Twentynine Palms, Ca.

…One of my favorite places discovered along America’s back roads…

Standing at the crossroads about 20 miles east of Route 99 on CA Hwy. 65, lies the City of Exeter, CA nestled amid orange groves and tucked deep into the heart of the Golden State. Described as one of America’s “Prettiest Painted Places”, Exeter’s historic downtown brick buildings provide unique canvasses for beautiful artworks painted by muralists throughout the USA. It is no wonder that Exeter is touted as the City with “small town charm” with the focus on “Murals”. Collectively, the murals become part of the landscape and brings to life the vibrant past of this wholesome little gem that’s hidden gracefully along the back roads of America.

As they say, it’s not the destination, but the new discoveries unlocked in the journey!

From the diary of a Seasoned Traveler.


Lorrie Fleming

One for the Road

…”Happy is the one who enjoys the scenery on a detour”

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