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  • Murals as a circular economy in the renewal!

    Murals as a circular economy in the renewal!

    As a pioneer in the mural movement it is more than exciting to watch the bounty of murals being created worldwide. The concept of wall art goes back to all our ancestors. The power that this large art medium provides is immense. The social side of the production, the tourism draw, the beautification, the economy […]

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  • AR:T Route Blue ROAD REPORT

    …Here we are at the start point of the legendary Cariboo Wagon Road that carved a permanent place on Canada’s Western Frontier.  A major transportation hub from fur trails-to-steel rails echoing tales of BC’s historic significance to carry our nation through the ages.  Our history speaks in many languages…Listen quietly, you will be amazed at […]

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  • The faces of the people

    The faces of the people

    No matter what road life takes you, it truly is the people along the way that are the paint strokes in the canvas of your life. As an artist that traveled the world I have met many many faces. This picture is of a wonderful young man that worked so hard for the Merritt crew. […]

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  • Route Blue on the GOLD

    The Road speaks in many languages, it has heart ❤️ soul & a succinct voice.  Complimented with depth perception in a kaleidoscope of colors that unify people & place in a directional spiral.  Like the wheel, Route Blue is a human moral compass that drives us on an endless path in the circle of life! […]

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  • Route blue shout out by former CEO of #Vancouver #Tourism

    Rick Antonson:   Former President and CEO of Tourism Vancouver, world traveler and author of five books (including Route 66 Still Kicks – Driving America’s Main Street), kindly contributes this statement to honor Route Blue ~ Blue Renew…  “The time-honoured phrase “One for the road” gets nicely paraphrased when Route 66 enters the discussion as it becomes “All […]

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