Keep the creators in the economy and support the power of art for change and renewal.

If you need to put this concept in a box…imagine this is a digital community futures office but for the creatives and those not attached to the educational and government systems. It is a bridge for the unconnected to get connected. And to share fairly in the system infrastructure of this Country.

The creative sector has a huge impact on tourism, economics and community social building. It must get the recognition and the economic inclusion in a fair distribution. We are Wayfinder Rural Creates stand strong on the conviction of artist support and copyright knowledge as a tool to business of the arts success. This is not a scary thing as many seem to think. Copyright is just creative content use strategies that benefit all.

  • An ARTIST COLLECTIVE of Community trainers and WAYFINDER RURAL CREATES community learning toolkit series.  
  • RURAL CREATES CREATIVE COMMUNITY & NON PROFIT TOOLKITS. Providing  partner mural towns with inclusion in a larger navigation app, map and ART ROUTE TRAVEL JOURNAL and “RURAL CREATES” DIGITAL CREATIVE TOOLKIT SUPPORT. 
  • AR:T ROUTE BLUE ..art as infrastructure in a Wayfinder art signage strategy.
  • AR:T ROUTE GOLD…environment and social justice art trail

A social tourism BIG AR:T project that is innovative in how art and community socio economics delivered in a tourism app can support and  connect mural and art towns in a highway legacy project. Contact us for more information.