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  • Blue Wayfinder

    Blue Wayfinder

    Lacing a Legacy into a Ribbon of Road with Lorrie Flemming Our Stories is the Gift that’s Wrapped into a Ribbon-of-Hope tying us together as One… “And Shaping the Stories into an Everlasting Telling Art Form.” Narrative by Lorrie Fleming             Alas, 2021 is ending, and humanity pleas to the gatekeeper to reopen our freedom and…

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  • WHY ROUTE 66 in CANADA???

    WHY ROUTE 66 in CANADA???

    2023 Narrative by Lorrie Fleming – Founder Canadian Route 66 Association  The question is “Why Route 66 in Belgium, France, Germany and yes, Japan”? It is the ultimate international symbol of popular culture & nostalgia, recreating the happier and simpler times of the “1950 & 60’s” especially for the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, like myself –…

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