Passage of Time

A QUARTER CENTURY JOURNEY STEMS FROM THE MOTHER ROAD Honoring the Aggregate of People, Places & Purpose Penned by Lorrie Fleming – June 21, 2021, Acknowledging the Summer Solstice             The Journey is an extension of our ‘family tree’ that sprouts, branches, and evolves through the people that we meet along the way.  Collectively chartering a courseContinue reading “Passage of Time”

Romancing the Rural on Art Route Blue

NAVIGATING LIFE’S CROSSROADS Traveling Through the “Art of Life” (Michelle) Narrative by Lorrie Fleming penned October 19, 2020             Michelle’s artistic life’s vision over the course of a quarter century has elevated the bloodline of Steinbeck’s Mother Road into a borderless and timeless ‘piece of art’.  In her eloquent words “we are all traveling through the artContinue reading “Romancing the Rural on Art Route Blue”


A Multicolored Reflection of Light on Social Diversities A Moving Narrative by Lorrie Fleming – Penned July 19, 2020             Diversity in Society stands for freedom & equality in all people(s) that is deeply rooted and engrained within the “Soul of Sunflowers”!  Understanding that each individual flower (just like a person) is uniquely different and collectively equate toContinue reading “THE SUNDAY SUNFLOWER STORY”


AR:T ROUTE GOLD My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back. Louis Riel A multi community art in action call out to create environmental pubic art plantings and physical art around British Columbia. This project has deep roots in aContinue reading ““THE SUNFLOWER PROJECT” Community Art Trail on AR:T ROUTE BLUE”


…Here we are at the start point of the legendary Cariboo Wagon Road that carved a permanent place on Canada’s Western Frontier.  A major transportation hub from fur trails-to-steel rails echoing tales of BC’s historic significance to carry our nation through the ages.  Our history speaks in many languages…Listen quietly, you will be amazed atContinue reading “AR:T Route Blue ROAD REPORT”


AR:T ROUTE BLUE has legs and roots.. I have a vision. One that has consumed me for so long. The connection of people and communities under one thread. A piece of thread that we can all hold on to. The highways unite us all. Animals, and people have traversed those highways or paths form centuries.Continue reading “BLUE UPDATE”