BORDERLESS BLUE Digital Podcast & Magazine coming soon


Our past, present, and future, like a brilliant meridian blue string grid billowing across our beautiful globe. As people we long to be connected, to ourselves and to others.  We are all first people from somewhere, and together we are the tribe of the global indigenous blue.

What is your place on Indigenous Blue? What’s your story? The borderless global nation of blue!

Indigenous Blue WAYFINDER PROJECT is internationally renowned artist and philosopher, Michelle Loughery’s vision. This vision is based on a 35-year career as a Mural Artist, Art Educator, Rural Community Developer, and Youth Champion. As an artist, she experienced not only the history of the people whose images grace the art she creates, but also she heard the stories of people who stopped by to share their stories as they walked by while creating the body of work she is so well known for. The stories of the youth, who shared their hopes, dreams, triumphs, and failures with her, and the immigrant stories of the people that she is a descendent of.  AR:T images that are created from the stories of the people both on and around the wall, the people from our past, the struggling youth, the reminiscent visitor, and the communities that strive to be better.  In  the place between the cities and the systems lives a whole world. Follow the blue to wander, and see a world that connects us all.