watch the installation and be part of the blue

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What do buoys have to do with the highway…? EVERYTHING  Bouys are Waymarkers.  Wayfinders that have journeyed a very long time on the oceans. Some have travelled for centuries. Some have vast origins. Some are young, some old. Some can still be used for jobs, some are elders with innate wisdom and stories to be shared. Made beautiful by the ocean and the life endured and celebrated while being part of the connected strings of pearls across the ocean. This is parallel to the people that make up our country and the journeys of those people. The ones that originated here and the ones of diverse backgrounds that traveled here. The common story is the pathways, currents, roads, trails and highways that have joined us all together. We are Blue. Blue as the oceans, blue as the sky and as blue as the highways that join us all.  Stand on the moon and look down at the connected string of buoys that we are creating along the highways of Canada.  Look at the string of Buoys that will join us to other countries and to each other. We are a diverse planet, that together as people  can we be the stewards of People Place and Planet!!!!! ROUTE BLUE BOUYS