Mother and Sister Roads

The mother road on Nov 11 1926 all USA highways became numbered. They were existing auto trails and were part of the Spanish trails…like all women we are connected through our routes.

Hello from The Colorful West Kootenay Village of Salmo, BC!  

Culturally renowned for its creative Art Murals in the form of chiseled rock depicting the area’s natural beauty, scenery & vibrant history…

Set in the heart of the majestic Selkirk mountains, Salmo is Located at the junction of Hwy 3 & Hwy 6, nestled in a pristine river Valley just a 30 minute drive from Nelson.  

The spokesperson at the Visitor Center explained the mural project began in 1990 by the local stone quarry owner, who masterminded a plan to transform rock minerals into incredible works of art.  Artists were sourced to sketch & design the artwork: and subsequently the rock pieces were selected to fit each section of the drawing to perfectly match the scale of the composition (just like masterfully putting together a puzzle)!
WOW – this little jewel of a village sparkles with a vibrant personality, rich in culture and hospitality; and the Dragonfly Cafe is a perfect place to refuel the soul.  
…Getting my kicks on BC Route 6…
Aka Highway Queen
Pics courtesy Bob Walker