THE AR:TROUTE BLUE PROJECT is inspired by ancient hand to land art skills, that bridge cultures and people. The art-making experiential process, combined with environmental stewardship, is based on the Big ART in a Big Idea – Where did I come from? The art inspires dialogue and intergenerational storytelling. The Project aims to be authentic, brave and to be innovative in the digital frontierof Augmented Reality and mixed media AR:T experiences.


Because MURAL ART and just as importantly, SOCIAL ART, has and will continue to build community and support people in a connection path! Art is the blueprint of life!

Because a travel blog of the collections of stories of creative people in communities, told by those people, will combine social ar:t, tourism and economic development and multiply this strategy to build more sustainable creative rural strategies through more  art.  Because so much has happened to change communities during 30 years of mural making in communities globally,  the best way to share that story is through visual story telling through the artists’ eyes and lens as we bring together a creative social economy.

Because in the digital book  “In search for Blue Horses” and the “Blue Tribe Lessons”, the people who are not defined by the so called systems can find themselves, their blue and their place along Route Blue. And in that place find the place to return to.

Because “Finding your Blue” is about you too. Artists truly are the new economy both in form, function, content, education, and life in rural communities. Connecting the blue is art tourism, community building, non-profit support, story telling and learning in life all rolled up in Blue.  It is Art in Action and Mural ART works.

A movement to connect rural artists and rural communities.
It is a digital autobiography digital mural collection that will reveal and support the creative talent in small towns -the makers and markers that are the heart and steam to a new creative economy.

Create a digital, drivable tourism trail based experience magazine, that will invite the globe to discover hidden creative experiences and people in rural Canada.

A community digital art story collecting platform

Connecting communities with the murals and outdoor community art and music in communities along  highways.  Building community from within.

Founded by Michelle Loughery through a 30 year career as a Master Muralist and Community  Art Renewal technologist and educator. A heritage and contemporary art Museum/Gallery without walls in a highway trail that will invite the globe to the largest art and community experience scavenger hunt.

The AR:T Route Blue-Michelle Loughery strategy is to assist rural communities to reinvigorate and diversify their local economies while supporting rural artists . Part of the strategy is to connect and network rural communities to larger communities to leverage each other’s assets and strengths.

Creating community partnership and connected story trails to each other’s resources. The Global Street Art Mural movement is inviting the globe as mural chasers flock to cities across Canada. Using the power of this trend that is truly modern cave drawings of today. We can harness and direct this tourism tool to our rural communities while supporting our creative talent in rural towns.

Murals are a small-town story books across the Province. Route Blue recognizes the contribution rural communities make to B.C.’s economy, and the unique challenges they face to diversify beyond natural resources.

Route Blue will showcase and help the communities build and discover the creative resources in their communities, in a larger travel showcase trail, that will entice global and national visitors, and thus build the rural creative economy.

The program will contribute to the strength and sustainability of small rural communities, making them more attractive places to live and work, as the creative industry is the one of the new job creators.

AR:T Route Blue is a true partnership based project that will help rural communities navigate changes impacting their economies, such as attracting and retaining youth, using innovation to drive economic growth, and developing new and effective partnerships to support shared prosperity.

A WAYFINDER youth skills building strategy that will result in a connected creative community tourism destination draw, for the Province of British Columbia and Canada.

The route will consist of a series of intertwining and overlapping digital tour trails, all tied together with a collective narrative,punctuated by the presentation of stories and art and music pieces, presented using modern communications technology.

The effect of this will be to partner murals with the traveller in a “digital augmented reality app” that entices the viewer to travel to other key tourism spots and to also learn more about local history and other themes of the body of murals.

AR:T Route Blue will showcase to the world and international markets, The history, the strength and creative resilience off the rural people of British Columbia. Route Blue Creative Highway  “RURAL CREATES” Programming provides a digital road map as a provincial resource, job creator, economy and community building strategy, in the global movement of ARTENOMICS.

The AR:T ROUTE BLUE initiative emerged as a result of 30 years of community conversations Loughery and her projects engaged in ,while working in rural communities globally.

Rural BC’s challenged small rural communities must drive this initiative, as the strategy was born in such a community.

Michelle Loughery Murals and her signature projects, have formed this Visual WAYFINDER Community skills theory of change, and exchange, based on her upbringing in a resource based rural community.

This philosophy, while formative, has only been able to prosper with community by in and invitation to a larger marketing movement. This Wayfinder Visual community philosophy has and will continue to result in transformational change in public, private, and philanthropic commitments to rural Canada.

The movement of AR:T ROUTE BLUE has deep roots and much inclusion from many arenas and passionate inclusion from many people….

Lets take you back…….
ROUTE 66 to Highway 97 to 99 to Highway 1 and beyond