AR:T ROUTE BLUE is a Global Highway ART Project. The creative connected trades routes. AR:T ROUTE BLUE is poised to become an extension of The Mother Road and a global creative community experience.  Through bloodlines of our vast inheritance of all ancestral ethnicities, creeds and cultural origins, ART ROUTE BLUE’s arch over the Trans Canada Highway and its arteries hold the key to mold a “Global Local WAYFINDER GEO AR:T TOUR Network and platform.” A movement to lace & braid our vastly integrated heritage. THE BLUE MOVEMENT of “Indigenous Blue” is one of CONNECTION through our creative abilities! A global digital community and having conversations through our shared histories.

AR:T ROUTE is a connected creative people of all nations and generations in a connected art movement of “Blue”(AR:T) that connects and unites communities and non-profits in a AR:T WAYFINDER PLACE SIGNAGE, murals, public art and an AR:T geocache series of art routes, story art paths and intersections. Modern Digital murals that are changeable and inclusive stories that act as Wayfinder signage.

The Ultimate DESTINATION ROAD TRIP! Think ROUTE 66 history, nostalgia, immigrant stories, music and more but in a Global Indigenous Blue movement. We are all indigenous to this globe. And AR:T ROUTE BLUE aims to be the GLOBAL CONNECTOR of those stories with AR:T and ARTROUTE mapping.

FIND MODERN MASTERPIECES and MAKERS along global connected SMAR:T Highways. Experience stories of the past through a modern viewfinder and meet the people that navigated history with colourful and diverse journeys. Know employment of content creation should happen as jobs in each community, a shared digital economy to bridge the urban rural divide.


The community inclusion renewal tourism model available to communities and regions through workshops.

AR:T ROUTE BLUE WAYFINDER CURATED ART ROUTES APP Promotes Artists, the creative sector and local businesses through the power of DIGITAL WAYFINDER MURAL ART in rural and urban communities. Led by Mural Pioneer, Michelle Loughery, and the AR:T ROUTE BLUE team travel the globe in a travel ART WAYFINDER MODEL to unite us through our journeys and stories through the expression of AR:T.


Using the mural movement Loughery was an influencer on using physical murals to bridge the innovation of Digital AR Wayfinder murals.

A navigation experience app and the AR:TROUTE blue creative industry collaboration, is working to benefit artists, youth and elders, while supporting socio-economic tourism and community businesses.


AR:T COMPASS-25 AR:T spots per region, carefully curated to bring the best of Public ART to the traveller.

BLUE WAYFINDER AR:T AWARD-The Award of AR:T EXCELLENCE as curated by the blue team of professional Wayfinder Artists.

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“From the lens of the Creatives and story tellers to the viewer. Larger than life art, a camera and a tune blasting from your car, the blue of the sky and the open road with nothing but destination mural town on your mind. There’s simply no better way to creatively experience the people and places of communities than through the artist lens.” Michelle Loughery

A WAYFINDER digital navigation AR:T Experience app
A MURAL AR:T and WAYFINDER STORY route project, with the unique purpose of re-imagining social tourism, while inviting travellers to explore their curiosity and ethically to place people and planet. To find a common thread with the places they visit, the past, and ultimately to themselves and others.

 The highways and byways that connect us all with a collective lens. ART connects us all!




This Augmented Reality Social Public Mural Art Project, will uncover the unsung creative stories and artists of the past, and present, while supporting creatives and communities of today.  Supporting a creative economy, and putting Artists and the rural culture, in the place of power over their own futures. The program will contribute to the strength and sustainability of small rural communities, supporting  fire and flood renewal, with the rapidly moving creative and digital industry employment stream. AR:T Route Blue is a true partnership-based project platform of support that will help rural communities navigate changes impacting their economies, such as attracting and retaining youth, using innovation to drive economic growth, and developing new and effective partnerships to support shared prosperity.

Harness the Global Street Art Mural Movement that Award winning Artist Loughery helped to Pioneer

The arts, and hand to land skills are the threads that tie a community and our cultures together. We are more than roads and sewers, as time proves these to fail each century, but our connected talent skills ties us all together in eternity. 

ART ROUTE CANADA-The heritage highways of Canada have been a common route for all and preserving the stories of the Highways through community art storytelling is an extension to the famed Route 66 and a gateway to Highway 1, the largest Highway in the world.

A true collaboration with many people, nations, creatives, nonprofits, businesses and all sectors. The project is inspired by ancient hand to land creative skills, that bridge cultures and people and the globe. The creative skills process combined with environmental and social tourism stewardship. Connecting communities with murals, digital  public art, music, film, monuments and outdoor stewardship in communities along our global routes and highways.

Using WAYINDER AR:T(tm) (Augmented Reality digital stories and art combined ) to bring life back to the small towns along highways, by encouraging folks to drive from mural town to mural town and discover the art and heritage stops along the way!

  • What makes this app and project so different is that the AR:T is created by the communities we hope to connect. Spreading digital knowledge and youth inclusion in Urban digital economy.  And bringing that connectivity to the rural communities underserved by digital connectivity and support.
  • Exploring and creating community connections and directions with Wayfinder GEO ART, and experiencing stories through Augmented Reality Digital tours !
The exciting innovative and zany and diverse art and stories on the #destinationmuraltown app leads to all kinds of adventures and to connections to people and places through mural art globally


 In 2015, renowned Artist, Art Educator and Creative Community Designer  Michelle Loughery,  co-founded WAYFINDER AR:T STORY ROUTES app as a tool to showcase the value of PUBLIC ART MURALS & MONUMENTS as tourism gateways and stops, so that we might preserve those places for future generations through story connection. Generation two of  world renowned Master artist Michelle Loughery and  her creative community development projects. Thousands of youth and numerous award winning community projects have been reimagined through her philosophies. Impact studies have shown results from her projects has resulted in millions of dollars in community revitalization,  tourism and socio -economic infrastructure and renewal.

 As the app grows, the wayfinder stories evolve, but the heart and vision of the app remains the same. No matter the location, AR:T ROUTE blue WAYFINDER STORIES connects people with the places and routes, that sustain us all. ART connects us all and art in action can move us all to do more for this globe. ART WORKS TO CREATE MORE FOR ALL. WAYFINDER STORIES USE AR:T to navigate with a narrative path inclusive to all.