AR:T ROUTE BLUE MEDIA is currently raising money to film a docu-story about the mural movement that has deep roots in British Columbia. Two distinct visionaries share the mural movement story based from the two sides of the great Province with history from Europe and the immigrants that paved the way for Canada. This important education film will be educational and important as a community social economic resource globally.



Motivator, inspiration and facilitator. Leading the movement to revitalize the heart and soul of communities worldwide. The man behind the tranformative Chemainus Mural Project.

Karl is known world-wide for his contributions to Economic Development through Arts & Tourism and his role in the Global Mural Conference. Dr. Schutz is best known as the originator and architect of the Chemainus Mural Project – a series of historic murals that turned a once declining sawmill town into an international tourist destination with a $25.6 million dollar annual economy. Dr. Schutz’s branding and economic development strategy, through Arts & Tourism, has been adopted by over 100 communities in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and, most recently, Scotland.  Sucevita, Rumania inspired projects that Karl led from Chemainus, China and more than 100 Mural cities in between.

Karl’s work inspired young artist Loughery and with Karl as a mentor she took brush in hand to expand his legacy.

AWARD WINNING Master Artist Michelle Loughery https://michelleloughery.org

Visionary and community champion. Leading the movement of youth employment skills mural Programming and championing at risk youth and rural communities internationally. Loughery’s home town hired a muralist from Karl’s Project, to help renew their small coal mining town. When the young artist saw the impact the art had on her community she was forever changed. Loughery brought her love of community and the knowledge of the lack of arts opportunities in her rural community to a movement of social economic mural change that has an estimated impact in the billions.

Michelle is known world wide for her contributions to youth employment skills education, rural community project based development and and rural socio-tourism legacy projects such as the Route 66 Mural City, the Country Music Capitol of Canada Mural Project, the Vernon-Okanagan Heritage Mural Project and the Wayfinder Project. Currently launching an App and Digital Destination Mural Town app and AR:TROUTE BLUE Mural Connection Project. Loughery’s youth and community socio economic skills programs have inspired hundreds of projects globally and have been assimilated in education and skills training institutions globally. The projects have continued as many of Loughery’s students have gone on to become master artists and mural educators.