What is an AR:T WAYFINDER?
An entrepreneur, and a social art place creator. A belonging connector artist.


Augmented reality digital murals that use art as a tourism and socio economic driver.

Michelle Loughery- Wayfinder Murals Youth Programming

This unique signature project was based on community development, with the creation of mural and digital mural art.

The secret to the success of these projects is the engagement of opportunity youth and elders.  The youth brought the community, the aunts, the uncles and the elders to the walls, and the catalyst of the combined creative conversations would allow for many art forms to take place at the bottom of the walls. The walls and the augmented reality mural screens become the place that morph into skills learning conversation hubs.

The unique classroom leave art and a tourism products behind, with all the wonderful socio economic benefits, but with modern innovation and excitement. W