RIVERS-TO-ROADS -TO SCAFFOLDS Interweaving Threads of Color into the Strands of our Transportation Corridor Narrative by Lorrie Fleming Penned on December 12, 2020 Inspired by a conversation with Master Muralist, Michelle Loughery             A new generation of trail blazers are geared up and ready to hit the road, headed for an optimistic journey as the CoronavirusContinue reading “TRANSFORMING OUR HERITAGE HIGHWAYS INTO ART ROUTES”

Lorrie the Highway Mentor

G’Day, My Sister Travelers: As I sit here now in the wrath of a midland storm awaiting the power to kick in; I contemplate the journey that lies ahead. Shifting our direction along this course as the wind changes direction, does not mean we’ve lost the will to move forward… Seemingly, we fall victim ofContinue reading “Lorrie the Highway Mentor”

The Buoy set up…

Describing the buoy set up is like describing an exercise in creative Jenga.  Putting the buoys together in a form that is pleasing to the eye, and won’t fall over is challenging enough. Putting the buoys together, in a way that pleases creative artists, that like to push boundaries, is also like creative Jenga. TheContinue reading “The Buoy set up…”

BLUE Movement

BUOYS  ART DEBRIS AND ARTISTS What happens when two or more, or even ten masterfully talented artists collaborate? Is it even possible for such strong individuals to interact and cooperate? Could they create something new together, something different, something brilliant? Yes, yes, and yes! Art collaborations simply cannot be a bad idea.   And whatContinue reading “BLUE Movement”