My Blue Ladies: Our official affiliation with Route 66 gives us the credibility of international status as heritage highway advocates.   Art is the ‘Mother’ that makes us equal … Blue symbolizes The People, a product of the stories ~ Gold is the business.  Without one, there is no other!  Take one component away andContinue reading “BLUE TECH”


AR:T ROUTE BLUE has legs and roots.. I have a vision. One that has consumed me for so long. The connection of people and communities under one thread. A piece of thread that we can all hold on to. The highways unite us all. Animals, and people have traversed those highways or paths form centuries.Continue reading “BLUE UPDATE”

2018 -Going Blue

Honoring a True-Blue Visionary ~ Michelle Loughery   Written by Lorrie Fleming – January 2018   . . . The Sky’s the limit…Michelle’s incredible dream takes a positive hue, driving the color wheel to a new beginning! Route Blue Highway, a movement to celebrate the creative art of the ‘hand-to-land’ initiative, entwined with a heart-to-heartContinue reading “2018 -Going Blue”

#RouteBlue Women

There are many people that have touched the path of the start of Route Blue. Many that offered support, mentorship and grace. One of the strongest forces of the Wayfinder path to Route Blue is a women named Jennifer Law Conkie. Michelle and J, as Michelle loves to call her, met after a phone callContinue reading “#RouteBlue Women”