My Blue Ladies:

Our official affiliation with Route 66 gives us the credibility of international status as heritage highway advocates.  

Art is the ‘Mother’ that makes us equal … Blue symbolizes The People, a product of the stories ~ Gold is the business.  Without one, there is no other!  Take one component away and none remain…Basic ethics of physics must apply (or) the structure crumbles.

Together, we have the power to drive commerce in a shared economy of a national scope by forming an inclusive alliance to honor the resilience of people, the survivors & builders of our transportation hub.  

A ‘Prism’ is what we must become – a solid geometric figure that follows equal and parallel rectilinear paths.

Go National!  Art Route Blue owns its product and is the virtual Heart of Art and the assets of stories that equate to its success.

The process will prove itself and roll out by the integrity of the Crescendo (highest point) within the Voice of Art.

Create a pictorial of places (visual) in concert with the voice (audio) on The Field of Dreams platform – build it – they will come!  

We live in the Rural with a national focus.The power of Art, creates its own mood to interject with the Alliance and Talk to the Walls; and they in turn will tell the story.

It’s time to Create a Market Plan, Build the Pod Cast and showcase the peoples’  playground that will capture our strength for the voice over art to ‘align’ the stories and turn them to Gold!



AR:T ROUTE BLUE has legs and roots..

I have a vision. One that has consumed me for so long. The connection of people and communities under one thread. A piece of thread that we can all hold on to. The highways unite us all. Animals, and people have traversed those highways or paths form centuries. The very land making the wayfinder lines and the valleys and water the places that hold our dreams and our steps. I am always humbled by the stories of the immigrants that I am so proud to be a person molded by. Those stories are like threads. Strong and visions of places and times that my eyes have never seen. But they are as real and defining as my own experiences. This is the bridge of time that each one of us hold. The connection of the generations and why elders are so important. I am a grandmother. I love the art of being a grandmother. My grandchildren are portals to my own children, yet also a mirror of myself and a look back at those I never met. The DNA in all of us is a tapestry. It is the life line to the future. AR:T Route blue has been a long journey. It is hard to explain what it is. Many may think it is an art route. Many think it is a blog. Many think it is something that a crazy artist is pushing that makes no sense. But it is a vision. It is building something that will connect us to each other and to the creative skills that exist in everyone of us. And it is the space. The space that lives between each one of us. I met a wonderful new artist from Ashcroft this week. Marina and I were speaking about the blue and Marina sees artist copyright is like water.

Art is for everyone. You can own water rights..but you never own the water…only the creator can. And in that conversation and connection I realized that the blue is vital to us connecting through creative thought and the thread that brings us all together…..the blue is a thread that is making its way and I am again humbled by the journey. Grateful in Blue- Michelle The Blue Wayfinder

2018 -Going Blue

Honoring a True-Blue Visionary ~ Michelle Loughery


Written by Lorrie Fleming – January 2018


. . . The Sky’s the limit…Michelle’s incredible dream takes a positive hue, driving the color wheel to a new beginning! Route Blue Highway, a movement to celebrate the creative art of the ‘hand-to-land’ initiative, entwined with a heart-to-heart spirit. So true are the famous words of wisdom of a great philosopher ~ “What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside you”! {Ralph Waldo Emerson}

A history lesson is a voice from our past that echoes a passage to the future bequeath to us through a gateway built by the wisdom & experience of early travelers along life’s highway. Akin to Michelle, following the braided paths of women trail blazers who ventured & braved our early ‘open’ roads, one intrepid adventurer wrote “My advice to timid motorists is “GO”!  These early pioneers of travel paved the way in time for others to embark on a similar journey.

Michelle’s vision of travel goes far beyond the landscape, in her viewpoint, ‘Route Blue Highway’ draws a map to a sense of place that captures the hearts of all humanity on a never-ending journey through a viaduct of art, carrying stories in a timeless visual journal.

This unique “Ribbon of Blue” is a bridge to our past, encompassing an amazing journey that awaits at each stop point of discovery. Sometimes, it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination (Drake).

Henceforth, “Here’s to you”, Michelle for faithfully believing in your aspirations and working your magic to create this dedicated highway for humanity of all hues that’s paved with purpose, powered by people and etched in the permanence of “art’!

{I leave you with excerpts of a mission statement from my colleagues of the Route 66 Association of Illinois ~ “Preservation is the means by which the past is linked to the present for the future. Our association combines creative thinking with a ‘can do’ attitude” …}

Written from my heart, through the power of blue,


“One for the Road”

#RouteBlue Women

There are many people that have touched the path of the start of Route Blue. Many that offered support, mentorship and grace. One of the strongest forces of the Wayfinder path to Route Blue is a women named Jennifer Law Conkie. Michelle and J, as Michelle loves to call her, met after a phone call with CBC Arts Host Paul Grant in which Paul suggested that Michelle call her. Paul and Michelle were discussing the success of the Vernon and Merritt projects, and about her recent art project in New York City.

In Michelle’s words.

I was telling Paul how much the youth were loving being involved in the art and being part of the community. Paul was a wonderful connection and he was excited to talk about CBC Art spot and how murals with youth skills and employment should be everywhere. I was telling him how much I agreed and how some of the business side seemed daunting at times. I remember after the animated conversation, Paul said, “Michelle, you are a dolphin, swimming amongst sharks!”
You need to call this woman I know. She is a lawyer in Vancouver. She is brilliant and honest and she can help you.”

I called her and to make a long story short. Jennifer changed my life. As a mentor she was tough and direct and taught me so much. A gorgeous celtic woman with the most beautiful eyes. She traded her work for mine, and I was honoured to be valued. My journey with Jennifer and Wayfinder spanned over several years. And this will unravel as Route Blue moves along the highways. But Jennifer taught me many things. She taught me to tap my hand to keep calm and she taught me a lady always knows when to leave. She is a true feminist and a brilliant writer. Jennifer is a blue horse. And my journey and time with her created Wayfinder and my charity and so much more.