Michelle Loughery “IN SEARCH OF BLUE HORSES”

The life work of MASTER Muralist Michelle Loughery.
The Muralist and the Blue Horse
In search of Blue horses is the path of finding other creatives that think with altered reality and unleashed potential. We are all colours in the crayon box and colour of skin should not define us. Blue horses envelope all. None of us and all of us can be blue horses.  Blue horses are unique, not white, not red but blue. We live in the hallways in school and in the back alleys painting on hot brick walls the colours of our lives. We make art at the kitchen table and in sheds in the back of grassy yards and in basements with tiny skyless windows. But we make art for the sake of art and that ties us together. Blue horses seek each other and yet seek to be alone.
There is much undiscovered art in small communities. It sustains all ages and if ever connected could bring together a movement to celebrate the art of hand to land creation. To celebrate the culture of all of us handed down in creative knowledge. Hands crippled and gnarly from years of creative movement of needles and thread, carving and and painting and playing instruments that the sounds are brush strokes to the stories of our lives. This is art and this is what Route Blue and the Route Blue Wayfinders are seeking to uncover and share with the world.
Master Artist Michelle Loughery