In search of Sunflowers

By Lorrie Flemming AR:T ROUTE WRITER Natural Storytellers  Symbolic Art & Soul of the Road              “My Heart wants Roots, but my Mind wants Wings…” an articulate phrase coined by popular Lyricist {E.Y. Harburg} that describes the wondering soul of many travelers, like myself, in a constant search for things that make us feel whole.  Commonly referredContinue reading “In search of Sunflowers”


AR:T ROUTE GOLD My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back. Louis Riel A multi community art in action call out to create environmental pubic art plantings and physical art around British Columbia. This project has deep roots in aContinue reading ““THE SUNFLOWER PROJECT” Community Art Trail on AR:T ROUTE BLUE”


DEDICATED TO OUR CULTURAL HISTORY KEEPERS LORRIE FLEMING – APRIL 26, 2020 2020 Inspired by a Conversation with Michelle on Our Cultural History Keepers SUNFLOWER SALUTE A Unified Face of Humanity Graced by a Smile Natures Storytellers and Pillars of Peace Narrative by Lorrie Fleming to Welcome Summertime… Natures’ emblematic ‘face of hope’, Sunflowers are an expression of happiness thatContinue reading “SUNFLOWER SALUTE”


SISTERS OF THE MOTHER ROAD A SALUTE TO EXPLORE GOLD COUNTRY TO HONOR OUR LINEAR COMMUNITIES Penned by Lorrie Fleming April 27, 2020             As the world struggles with climate change, economic adversity and the silent enemy of the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity awaits to reconnect, as social distancing becomes a distant point in time.             Recently, IContinue reading “AR:T ROUTE CANADA”

LINEAR COMMUNITIES & Old is New Thematic CORRIDORS Driving A New Creative Recovery Vision By Connecting-The-Arts. .spots

RURAL REVIVAL ELEVATED TO AN ART! SPREADING SEEDS TO SUCCESS Narrative by Lorrie FlemingFrom the Diary of a Seasoned Traveler along the Roads Less Traveled… Our highways are the stimulus to steer a renewed and creative sense of place into the heartland of our rural communities. The creative augmented reality of connecting ‘art-in-motion’ is moving closer to actuality,Continue reading “LINEAR COMMUNITIES & Old is New Thematic CORRIDORS Driving A New Creative Recovery Vision By Connecting-The-Arts. .spots”

ROAD QUEEN of the Highway

Dear Michelle & Stacey: Sending heartfelt appreciation for your steadfast “Pioneering” of Art Rural Route Blue! As a mother of the road, my heart feels your testament-of-endurance in determination to forge beyond this mega road building process!  Thank you, Stacey for your phone call last evening to reassure me that I’m not forgotten along thisContinue reading “ROAD QUEEN of the Highway”


My Blue Ladies: Our official affiliation with Route 66 gives us the credibility of international status as heritage highway advocates.   Art is the ‘Mother’ that makes us equal … Blue symbolizes The People, a product of the stories ~ Gold is the business.  Without one, there is no other!  Take one component away andContinue reading “BLUE TECH”


BUILDING CROSSROADS IN 2020 AR:T RURAL An All-Inclusive Greenway Enriched in Blue & Gold Written By:  Lorrie Fleming, Member of ‘The Blue Team’              Going Back to Our Roots … “Where were you in 1962”?  Our revered Trans Canada Highway was officially opened on September 3, 1962, building a Nation to link Victoria, BC to St. John’s Newfoundland.  Spanning Coast-to-CoastContinue reading “AR:T RURAL ROUTE BLUE”