Passage of Time

A QUARTER CENTURY JOURNEY STEMS FROM THE MOTHER ROAD Honoring the Aggregate of People, Places & Purpose Penned by Lorrie Fleming – June 21, 2021, Acknowledging the Summer Solstice             The Journey is an extension of our ‘family tree’ that sprouts, branches, and evolves through the people that we meet along the way.  Collectively chartering a courseContinue reading “Passage of Time”


RIDING THE RURAL ON BC’S ART ROUTE BLUE Sculpting the Stories into Timeless Art Touring Trails Narrative Penned by Lorrie Fleming for Release in April 2021             Dreams carry us away as a momentary escape from reality!  Imagining life after COVID confinement is akin to awaking from a prolonged & deep dream, much like landing on aContinue reading “RUBBER TO ROAD. . .DREAMS TO DRIVES”

Murals as a circular economy in the renewal!

As a pioneer in the mural movement it is more than exciting to watch the bounty of murals being created worldwide. The concept of wall art goes back to all our ancestors. The power that this large art medium provides is immense. The social side of the production, the tourism draw, the beautification, the economyContinue reading “Murals as a circular economy in the renewal!”


VACCINES TO VACATIONS ON THE HORIZON SPEARHEADED BY ARTISTS PAINTING THE LINES & PLACING THE DOTS CREATING THE WAY TO THE APEX OF OUR HERITAGE ART HIGHWAYS A MESSAGE TO WELCOME SPRING:  Penned by Lorrie Fleming for March 1, 2021             Spring is a pinnacle time to plant seeds of optimism to weave the threads of knowledgeContinue reading “THE EYES OF ART ARE WATCHING …”


RIVERS-TO-ROADS -TO SCAFFOLDS Interweaving Threads of Color into the Strands of our Transportation Corridor Narrative by Lorrie Fleming Penned on December 12, 2020 Inspired by a conversation with Master Muralist, Michelle Loughery             A new generation of trail blazers are geared up and ready to hit the road, headed for an optimistic journey as the CoronavirusContinue reading “TRANSFORMING OUR HERITAGE HIGHWAYS INTO ART ROUTES”

Romancing the Rural on Art Route Blue

NAVIGATING LIFE’S CROSSROADS Traveling Through the “Art of Life” (Michelle) Narrative by Lorrie Fleming penned October 19, 2020             Michelle’s artistic life’s vision over the course of a quarter century has elevated the bloodline of Steinbeck’s Mother Road into a borderless and timeless ‘piece of art’.  In her eloquent words “we are all traveling through the artContinue reading “Romancing the Rural on Art Route Blue”


A Multicolored Reflection of Light on Social Diversities A Moving Narrative by Lorrie Fleming – Penned July 19, 2020             Diversity in Society stands for freedom & equality in all people(s) that is deeply rooted and engrained within the “Soul of Sunflowers”!  Understanding that each individual flower (just like a person) is uniquely different and collectively equate toContinue reading “THE SUNDAY SUNFLOWER STORY”