AR:TROUTEBlue – Destination Mural Town Tour!

THE BIG ART ROAD TRIP -visit mural towns through an artist guided experience of mural creation though following us on social media. A curated view of the mural movement through the people who create these modern masterpieces.

TAKE AN AUGMENTED REALITY TRIP INTO ANOTHER Mural ART DIMENSION & experience the layers of what the walls speak. To know more about a community just look at its walls.

App launch fall 2021

Larger than life art, a camera and a tune blasting from your car, the blue of the sky and the open road with nothing but destination mural town on your mind. 

There’s simply no better way to creatively experience the people and places of all regions of British Columbia to the globe. Experience traveling the highways and communities through the artist lens and stories of the people along the way.

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in partnership with: The National Route66 Association, The Canadian Route66 Association

AR:T Alliance of Rural Travel. Art and Artists connecting communities and supporting a creative connective economy through social art tourism legacies.

EXPLORE BIG ART MURALS – Destination Mural Town

Experience Connected Cultures while supporting artists in the connected creative economy onto the global mural grid.

Experience 25 BIG AUGMENTED REALITY ARTIST AND COMMUNITY created AR:TSPOTS that connect these communities!  Technology and digital skills supported in rural communities. Elder and Youth Programming and knowledge connections..


The AR:T ROUTE BLUE -DESTINATION MURAL TOWN – AR:TWAYFINDER APP is a location-aware trail of augmented reality AR:T stories and characters that lead viewers on a wild trail adventure of colour, art and zany street art stories. The stories are created by artist and story tellers with locally sourced content and people based hero stories. The true people that muralists meet while painting on the streets.

Add a podcast-style augmented reality audio podcast experience that aids in viewers listening and leaving their stories and you have a true 3 D AR:T experience. The added bonus of this app is that it is connected to a ARB WAYFINDER community support creative community support learning series called RURAL CREATES and the Michelle Loughery Mural Arts Handbook

Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play to experience the AR:T world around you with our self-guided gallery tours!

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to look at the environment around you through the lens of your smartphone and, via an app, reveal a new layer of information that appears to be located in the real world. 

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Hear the stories and secrets from the walls of the mural that have exploded globally in communities world wide.  Travel with the AR:T ROUTE BLUE map and let the story meridian guide you along the lines of blue and gold. If the walls could talk and sing and tell secrets.. well they do.. exciting and innovative, let AR:T ROUTE BLUE entice you to experience the ultimate art road trip. Tale and Trails of art exploration through the Artists lens.


Mural Art and everything in between!

Indigenous Blue connected knowledge platform that will help rural communities close the digital divide while contributing their own authentic real stories within the walls, music, history, murals and outdoor monuments in communities along the interconnecting highways. Wayfinder AR:T that will leave a socio-economic legacy and a path to recovery.