AR:TROUTE blue WAYFINDER AR:T APP is a hands-free, location-aware app sharing authentic AR:T stories by locally sourced, podcast-style augmented reality, audio, geocache guides. An app that is truly connected to a WAYFINDER community support AR:T compass.

AR:TROUTE blue works offline and inside your pocket – so you can focus on your ART surroundings instead of your device. Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play to experience the AR:T world around you with our self-guided gallery tours!

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to look at the environment around you through the lens of your smartphone and, via an app, reveal a new layer of information that appears to be located in the real world. 

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A movement of human activation in the AR:T of Wayfinder Navigation.
Connect yourself to your journey; be the ARTIST in your creative travel. Let the ‘blue heartbeat ‘ carry you to boundless generational destinations along the meridian blue strings billowing across our beautiful globe as braided trails!
Hear the voices of the art beyond the Grid. Travel without a map and let the story meridian guide you along the lines of blue.The expression of mural art has captured history on cave walls from the beginning of time and mural art today creates reality and keeps community time.


A borderless, trail-based, digital Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality experience, that will invite the globe to discover hidden creative #destinationmuraltown stories that are revealed by viewing the murals through the ART ROUTE BLUE WAYFINDER AR:T VIEWER.

Mural Art and everything in between! Expose the hidden creative stories in rural Canada. Through an artist lens, experience the art, two feet into the great modern cave art of today. Discover the secrets of the great mural walls around the globe.

This app is am AR:TCREATES(tm) RURAL RENEWAL and re-imagining social cause to support rural communities, youth and artists.

An in community digital story AR:T collecting platform that will help rural community organizations close the digital divide while contributing their own authentic real stories within the walls, music, history, murals and outdoor monuments in communities along the interconnecting highways. Wayfinder engagement art that will leave and socio-economic legacy.