Using art as infrastructure both socially and economically, to connect and move people in a Wayfinder Strategy. Using AR:T and AR:T in Action to SUPPORT people place and planet! BLEND THE BLUE OF THE HIGHWAY WITH THE GOLD OF THE PEOPLES STORIES…THE SUNFLOWERS …AND YOU HAVE THE BLUE AND GOLD

by Michelle Loughery

Communities as stakeholders..people as the power!

Globally Michelle Loughery Wayfinder strategic philosophy is bringing groups and people together in an alliance movement of recovery.

This alliance is part of the ALLIANCE OF RURAL TOURISM -AR:T ROUTE BLUE PROJECT, which is a physical and digital art connection public art creative Wayfinding AR:T signage highway art scavenger hunt trail. Public art, especially murals and music in the creative economy, has rapidly become its own industry. The team and alliances are working hard with artists, musicians, industry champions and community, to reimagine the tourism stream of the creative economy and digital revolution that is radically helping in the recovery of the economy after the impacts of Covid. The power of the art is back in rural and urban in a people economy. An old model with a new digital twist.

This P6 strategy has deep roots in the Michelle Loughery Murals Projects and years of success. Willingness to do what is needed for renewal and recovery in true collaboration, and with deep in the dirt rebuilding skills through employment bridges and the rebirth of a creative celebration of rural. Creative Tourism in a Wayfinder Art as Signage in Infrastructure, with the creatives employment construction base as the catalyst for re-imagining and rebuilding rural and urban connection sustainability. Join the consortium of our innovative team and people along the AR:T ROUTE Blue on the golden blue highway…stay tuned…because we are rocking the rural..#artrouteblue #exploregoldcountry #artrouteblue #destinationdigital #destinationmuraltown #destinationmusictown

  • CONNECTING ROUTE 97 to Highway 1 and Route 97 to ROUTE 66
  • Canada ROUTE 66/99
  • AR:T ROUTE BLUE -THOMPSON OKANAGAN Merritt, Kelowna, Lake Country, Vernon, Lumby, Armstrong, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Sorrento, Chase and Kamloops! Experience 25 BIG AR:TSPOTS that connect these communities! 
  • Pilot Rural Creates ART ROUTE Thompson Okanagan 2017-2021. DIGITALLY Reimagined Explore Gold Country Regional Strategy PILOT END 2021 SPRING
  • Kelowna, BC
  • Golden BC
  • Sparwood, BC
  • Georgetown, Ontario
  • Merritt BC
  • Perth, Austrailia
  • Lumby, BC
  • Enderby, BC
  • 100 MILE, BC
  • Highriver, Alberta
  • Springfield, Australia
  • New York,USA